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Alaskan Malamute Dog For Adoption in Negaunee, MI, USA


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Date Listed: 01/07/2017
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Organization Name: The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter
Location: Negaunee, MI

Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Gender: Male Male


Color/Markings: White with Black
Availability Date: 01/07/2017
Location: Negaunee, MI 49855
Tags: Alaskan Malamute Dog For Adoption in Negaunee, MI, USA
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Posted Breed: Alaskan Malamute. "Upper Peninsula Animal Wefare Shelter" (formerly Marquette County Humane Society) WEBSITE:

Alaskan Malamute

A.K.A. : Mal, Mally
Overview: The Alaskan Malamute was named after the native Inuit tribe of western Alaska. They are one of the oldest Arctic sled dog breeds and have grown in popularity as a family pet.
Breed Group: Working
Weight (lbs): male:85, female:75
Height (in): male:25, female:23
Colors: Light gray to black, with white shading and mask or cap. Also shades of sable or red with shading - or all white.
Coat: The outer coat is think and coarse and undercoat is greasy and wooly.
Character: Alaskan Malamutes are friendly, affectionate, and loyal, though they're quite independent.
Temperament: This breed usually gets along well with children. Their friendliness toward visitors means they are not particularly good as watchdogs.
Care: The Alaskan Malamute requires very little grooming, though a coarse comb should be used during shedding.
Training: This breed requires very firm training from an early age.
Activity: The Alaskan Malamute needs a great deal of exercise, including as least one hour of hard workout daily.
Country of Origin: USA
Health Issue: This breed is usually very hardy. Some are prone to hip dysplasia or bloat.
Life Expectancy: 10-12

More About Alaskan Malamute Breed
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      Breed: Cocker Spaniel
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      Posted Breed: English Cocker Spaniel. "Upper Peninsula Animal Wefare Shelter" (formerly Marquette County Humane Society) Leyna arrived to UPAWS after their beloved owner fell ill and was no longer able to care for them. Leyna is longing to find find a new home where she can be loved and spoiled for the rest of her days. She appears to get along with other most other respectful canines and people. What she would love most is a new loving companion that she can devote herself to. Can you be the retirement home that Leyna longs for? With Leyna's age, she does have some medications that are necessary to keep her happy and healthy. UPAWS will help to cover the cost of these medications during the transition to her new home though our "Extra Special Pets for Extra Special People" grant offered by Lil' Bub's Big Fund for the ASPCA and Maddies Fund. 3 months of Leyna's medication will be offered with her adoption. Leyna is currently in an Adoption Ambassador foster home. You can visit her in her foster home and complete the adoption off site- no need to come to the shelter. How cool is that?! If you would like to meet Leyna please call UPAWS at 906-475-6661 and we will put you in touch with her foster family. WEBSITE:
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      Cocker Spaniel Dog For Adoption in Negaunee, MI, USA
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      Posted Breed: Hound / Mixed (short coat). "Upper Peninsula Animal Wefare Shelter" (formerly Marquette County Humane Society) Are you looking for a dog with superior focus? How about one who is smart enough to learn any puzzle you put in front of him? Are you a bit of a homebody and rather walk a back 40 than on a busy road? If you answered "yes" to these questions, we've got just the dog for you! Meet Austin, a 2 and 1/2 year old Plott hound mix. He's a great dog who just simply prefers someone who will devote and spend a lot of time with him. He can be a active guy who is so smart, he can even get out of wire crate. He just needs an avenue to keep his mind and body busy. Austin has a lot of love to give; he just can't contain himself, he blurts with joy. He has lived with children, other dogs and got along well. He can not live with cats or small animals however. Austin isn't for everyone but is you you're looking for a running, hiking, or agility partner, he is SO your man. Of course anyone, Austin has a quirk or two...well mostly just one. Anything with wheels drives is way too much for Austin to handle. Austin has been known to bananas when he sees moving vehicles, and he is quite sure he prefers a home where he doesn't have to see many of those. Though he can ride in the car without incident, it certainly isn't his favorite thing - did we mention he is a homebody?! Austin does well walking once he settles in, and he would love endless romps through fields and woods - he just is not a car guy! So this does mean that Austin's new family should have access to an area or place where they can walk him that isn't a frequently travelled road. The country life is best for this fellow. So, overall, if you're looking for a fun dog who will learn endless tricks, puzzles, games, and be a sweet and wonderful pal, look no further than Austin. If you have a place where he can run and play without encountering many moving cars, this sweet, sensitive boy may just be for you! Pet Adoption Sponsorship from a Austin fan. Fully paid rate ($0) WEBSITE:
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      Posted Breed: Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat). "Upper Peninsula Animal Wefare Shelter" (formerly Marquette County Humane Society) Hi there! My name is Lucky and boy am I happy to meet you. You can probably tell by my looks alone, but I'm youthful 2 year old, beagle mix who is ready to become your best friend! I really like to be included in everything you do... checking the mail? I'd love to stretch my legs and tag along. Netflix and chill on the couch? Sign me up! Car ride? Yippee! Let's go already. I love my best friends so much that I don't like to be left alone. I've been told I'll be ok and that I can survive for a few hours by myself, but I get lonely and anxious. The staff and awesome volunteers at UPAWS recognized this, so they are working on teaching me that it is ok to be alone, but it's taking me some time to figure it out. If you have a little patience, I promise I will try real hard to understand. I bet long walks and brain games could help... I'd love to try that with you! The shelter is a lovely place, but it's not the place for me. I'm too stressed out here in the kennels and I need a new pal to bond with. I've been diagnosed with seizures, so I need a foster (or forever) home that understands that I'm a little special. The doctors have been awesome at helping me to feel good- so in order to stay healthy they have given me medicine that I need three times daily. Could you help me with that? I'd like to share my home with older respectful children and I may be able to tolerate sharing a home with a cat... but it has to be the right cat and I have to be introduced the right way. I don't want to share my home with another dog. If you can't tell- I want all of your love to myself! Do you think we could get along? If you can help give me the love that I long for, call the staff at 906-475-6661 or stop by the shelter to meet me. I'd love to sleep over at your place tonight! WEBSITE:
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      Labrador Retriever-Unknown Mix Dog For Adoption in Negaunee, MI, USA