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KIT KAT - Pit Bull Terrier / American Pit Bull Terrier (short coat) Dog For Adoption
American Pit Bull Terrier Dog For Adoption in Chuluota, FL, USA


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Ad ID: ADN-25813
Times Ad Viewed: 416 times
Date Listed: 03/06/2016
Date Expires: 20 days from now
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verified Rescue Information

Organization Name: Ruff World Animal Rescue
Location: Oviedo, FL

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Gender: Female Female


Age: Young
Color/Markings: Golden/Chestnut
Size at Maturity: Medium
Availability Date: 03/06/2016
Location: Chuluota, FL, 32766
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Tags: American Pit Bull Terrier Dog For Adoption in Chuluota, FL, USA

American Pit Bull Terrier Dog For Adoption in Chuluota, FL, USA

Physical Attributes
Coat Length Short
Grooming Needs Not Required
Likes to Vocalize Some
Shedding Amount None
Altered Yes
Behavioral Characteristics
OK with Kids Yes
OK with Dogs Yes
OK with Cats No
Energy Level Moderate
Activity Level Moderately Active
Exercise Needs Moderate
Fence Required Not Required
Obedience Training Well Trained
Owner Experience Required None
  • Leash Trained
  • Crate Trained
  • Housetrained
  • Good in a Car
  • Likes to Play with Toys
Personality Characteristics
  • Obedient
  • Playful
  • Affectionate
  • Eager to Please
  • Intelligent
  • Even-Tempered
Additional Information
Was the Dog Found No
  • Up-to-date on Vaccinations

Posted Breed: Pit Bull Terrier / American Pit Bull Terrier (short coat). THIS IS A COURTEST POST ONLY. DO NOT CALL RUFF WORLD RESCUE. PLEASE EMAIL Sarah Falzone at KitKat is a beautiful American Pit Bull. She is has just completed basic training for manners and skills and is a wonderful well minded dog. She loves humans. She is sweet as can be and loves her belly rubbed! Cuddling on the couch? She is all about it! If you want a friend in a dog and one to take everywhere you go then this is your girl! She will be a wonderful best friend for her human family!

American Pit Bull Terrier

A.K.A. : Pit Bull Terrier, Pitbull, Pit bull, Pit, Pit Terrier, Staffordshire Fighting Dog, Bull Baiter Dogs, Yankee Terrier, Rebel Terrier
Overview: The American Pit Bull was originally bred for dog fighting and gained a reputation as a vicious animal. Can be a loyal and affectionate pet when trained and socialized properly.
Breed Group: Terrier
Weight (lbs): 22-110 Most common: 35-55
Height (in): 18-22
Colors: Any color or combination of white, red, brown, black, gray
Coat: Its coat is thick, short and shiny.
Character: The American Pit Bull is intelligent, loyal and affectionate. If not properly trained, can be dominant and aggressive.
Temperament: The temperament of the American Pit Bull depends largely on the training and socialization the animal receives. In the hands of an experienced trainer, they can be socialized to be good pets. May not do well with other pets or strangers.
Care: This breed is easy to groom. They need to be bathed regularly and brushed occasionally.
Training: American Pit Bulls should be owned and trained by people experienced with this breed or other aggressive breeds.
Activity: American Pit Bulls need regular exercise, both in fenced yards and walks with a leash.
Country of Origin: USA
Health Issue: hip dysplasia, heart disease and cataracts
Life Expectancy: 10-13

More About American Pit Bull Terrier Breed
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