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Australian Shepherd Dog Breeder in MOCKSVILLE, North Carolina

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Breeder Name: Ian
Years in Business: 1 years
Location: MOCKSVILLE, NC 27028
(919) 939-0968
Breed(s): Australian Shepherd
Clubs & Associations: CKC

Female purebreed red merle australian shepherd with two crystal blue eyes and shorter hair. Loyal, protective, playful, good with kids and other dogs. Kept and loved as a family pet, not just used for breeding. CKC registered, OFA-good, CERF-good, brucellosis-negative, bloodwork-normal, shots-utd.

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  • Australian Shepherd Puppy For Sale in MOCKSVILLE, NC

    Litter of 6


    Breed: Australian Shepherd
    Sex: Male(s) and Female(s) Male(s) and Female(s)
    Age: 10 Weeks Old
    Location: MOCKSVILLE, NC
    Pure Breed Aussy Pups. Papers provided from mother and for each puppy. Mother CERF, brucellosis, and OFA tested. Blue Merles are $700 and Tris or red merle are $500. Calls and questions welcome. 919.939.0968. . Coco is a red tri male and acts as the "grandfather" of the litter. He is laid back and always watching what everyone else does. Once ppay time is underway for about 20 minutes he gets involved. He does like to lead and go do his own thing. Out in the yard he will look around in the places the others are not venturing to. Frodo is a male blue merle. He holding both hid blue eyes like his mother. Eowyn is a female blue merle with a dark eye and one split eye, also has incredible markings. Frodo and his twin sister are usually found together and are currently known as The Escape artists. Both are shockingly intelligent and love human interaction. Eowyn thinks anything with 4 legs is a friend and frodo will explore anything. Aragon is the male spitting image of his mother. Red merle is lighter colors and dark markings. Aragon is the one who follows me around when i let them roam the house. He is always right on my heels and curious as to what im doing. Arwen is a blue merle female. I thought when she was born that she was a red merle due to the lack of dark coloring. As she approached 2-3 weeks however, i could tell she was a blue merle. Lots of off-white and light grey for her main colors and splotches of blue merle. She actually has coloring on her eyes that make it appear as though she has permanant eye liner. Arwens personality is amazing. Loving ans always playful. I actually can let her in the house and not worry about anything (like accidents or getting into something she isnt supposed to) as she is very well behaved. Thats not to be mistaken thought, when it is play time, its play time and she will go all out. She is also the fastest runner of the group (an interesting tidbit).

    Litter of 6

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    Australian Shepherd Puppy For Sale in MOCKSVILLE, NC

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