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Breeder Name: Amy
Years in Business: 2 years
Location: CHATTANOOGA, TN 37416
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Breed(s): Beagle
Clubs & Associations: Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle Get-A-Wag Therapy Puppy Club
Services: Stud Services Available

Breeder of Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles: housepets, not hunters! Great for city living and apartments. One year health warranted. Also a member of the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breed Therapy Puppy Club. We may have Toy Rottweilers, Toy Boxers, Toy Bulldogs, and Toy Panda Dogs, or know someone who does! Our dog breeds are good for Emotional Support Therapy, Diabetic Detection Dogs, and Seizure Alert Dogs. Especially suitable for special need children and adults.

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    Beagle Puppy For Sale in CHATTANOOGA, TN



    Breed: Beagle
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: 10 Weeks Old
    Location: CHATTANOOGA, TN
    Ryan and Matt are brothers! Smaller than a standard beagle Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles will stay easy to pick up and their temperament is special. Not as restless as a regular beagle. Raised in the home with lots of attention. MORE PUPPIES TO SEE ON OUR WEBSITE. Ryan and his littermates will be up to date with immunizations and deworming. This breed is a housepet in nature, not a hunting beagle. Sweet and smart, they are easy to house train and really pay attention and bond to their owner and family. Used also as emotional support therapy dogs, diabetic detection or seizure alert dogs, they are excellent as full-time indoor companions. Less restless than a standard beagle they are content where you are. They are quieter making them good apartment dogs. Come with a one year health warranty.
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