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  • Bullmatian Dog For Adoption in Greenwood, LA



    Breed: Bullmatian
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: Baby
    Location: Greenwood, LA
    Posted Breed: Dalmatian / Bulldog / Mixed. We are looking for a SPECIAL COMMITTED family for this princess. Sweet Rarity was found dumped on a street in Texas. She was brought in by the local animal control where our rescue saw her picture online and fell in love. Her face resembled that of my pit/ catahoula mix. White with dots! The big question: What is her breed? Our big answer is we do not know. She looks Dalmation but the spots have not fully come through. Her head is rounded. Originally I thought she might have bully breed mixed in but the round head throws me off. We simply do not know. We need a family that will love her forever EVEN IF she ends up looking bully breed. Some of her spots are coming through black, others arent and we are not sure if they ever will. Rarity is around 9 weeks old now is the vet guess. She can be shy at times. Runs away when you walk toward her or will cower if you reach down to pet her. She is coming around and this takes time. You cannot get her and expect her to be perfect. She is going to have to learn trust, learn her environment, and learn that you love her. If you give her time, understanding, and patience, you will be fine. She has been enjoying playing with my dogs. She was originally scared of my large ones but she has come around! She will of course need potty trained. Do not think of adopting her if you are not fully prepared for accidents and teaching her to go outside to potty. At night she wants to sleep in bed with me. She would cry in her kennel run so one night I chanced it and now she sleeps in bed with me. She never has an accident in the night since sleeping with me. She wakes up around 7 every morning if I'm not already up before then. She has a special rug she likes to go nap on so I think she would love her own dog bed. When I'm not at home she goes in a puppy play pen with a dog bed, blanket, food, water, and puppy pads. She will whine when I first leave her. Our rescue is newer and has not had many small puppies under it. So far every puppy we have adopted out has been returned by its first owner for various reasons. The second home is always the final one. The first home would always promise up and down they were ready for a puppy but for those different reasons, we got our babies back. I do NOT want that to happen with Rarity. I want her to leave our place and go to her FOREVER home. We need an adopter that will love this adorable, playful, fun, cuddly little girl! BUT someone that understands that with all that cute, loving, amazingness comes responsibilities :chewed up shoe strings, pee and poo accidents until trained, teething, whimpering when you leave, etc. Rarity is very sweet. She loves cuddling at night and playing with her dog friends. She will happily go outside with the other dogs. She loves finding stuff to chew on and playing with toys. Not very fond of car rides yet. She is amazing and loved by many! Vetting/Info: Rarity will most likely grow into a large breed dog. She may be small now but she will grow! Whomever adopts her will have to stay in contact with us. She has had the first of three sets of her shot series and been dewormed. She is on trifexis heartworm/flea pill. We will have her microchipped but we would like to wait and do the chip after she grows some more. Rarity has a $100 adoption fee. As stated, her new owners will be responsible for finishing out her shot series and having her spayed as soon as she is big enough. There is a 3 to 4 week wait time between each shot set. For her spay we suggest Robinsons Rescue as it costs around $68 for a female. Don't forget required monthly heartworm prevention too! We truly love this little girl and she has many that admire her. We would love to find a family that could keep us updated on her! She is expected to be an indoors dog and monitored when outdoors. She will NOT be a yard dog. To adopt your other animals must be spayed and up to date on shots and heartworm prevention. We work hard saving animals so we stand by our values. Thank YOU for considering adoption. If you would like to apply for Rarity please email us at to request an application. Rarity is a very sweet puppy and deserves a life of love and cuddles just like she likes! FOR LOTS OF PICS: follow this link to our facebook page's album for Rarity. :
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    Bullmatian Dog For Adoption in Greenwood, LA

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