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  • Cairmal Dog For Adoption in El Cajon, CA



    Breed: Cairmal
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: Baby
    Location: El Cajon, CA
    Posted Breed: Maltese / Cairn Terrier / Mixed (medium coat). Meet Perdie! Perdie arrived at The Barking Lot in June, 2016 and was an instant hit among volunteers. The peeps at TBL just swooned over her tiny stature, scruffy coat, and adorable underbite. Perdie’s outgoing, happy, tail-waggy personality has proven itself to be as equally adorable as her looks! At just 7-months-old, Perdie is still a puppy and still shows that typical puppy zest for life that most of us find so charming. Right now, she’s about 9 or so pounds, and we think she will be around 12 pounds fully-grown. Given her scruffy coat (which is surprisingly soft), we think Perdie is a Maltese/Cairn Terrier mix. She definitely has some of those great Terrier traits, too, including smarts, curiosity about the world around her, and an incessant desire to please her people. Perdie gets along great with other dogs, currently sharing her kennel with several other similarly-sized pups. She also loves people, and is happy to see both new and familiar faces. Perdie walks well on a leash and her people-focused nature bodes well for her future training and obedience abilities. Perdie’s small size also makes her the perfect pup for pretty much any living situation. Don’t miss out on this adorable, happy-go-lucky, terrier lady – submit an app today! If you'd like to meet Perdie, please copy & paste the following URL into your browser: For more information on this dog's breed, copy & paste the following URLs into your browser:
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    Cairmal Dog For Adoption in El Cajon, CA

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