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Breeder Name: Tracy
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Breed(s): Coton de Tulear

Gallant Cotons breed quality Coton de Tulear dogs, with correct conformation and EXCELLENT temperament. Cotons are loving companion dogs, with more of a "big dog" personality, not yippy or aggressive like many other small breeds. They are considered "hypo-allergenic, which means people are far less likely to have an allergic reaction to a Coton due to their very special hair which is cottony, fluffy and dry. Not shiny, silky, wiry, or oily. My dogs are always sold with a spay/neuter agreement. They come with up to date vaccinations, and deworming, a health guarantee, and a microchip installed for safety. My pups will ONLY fly Delta, in pet cargo (climate controlled), on direct flights 4 hours or less. Contract details and availability at:

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