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DACHSHUND Dog for Adoption in NORTH CAROLINA (NC) Next Dog  

SOCHI and/or SOFIE - Dachshund (short coat) Dog For Adoption
Dachshund Dog For Adoption in Germanton, NC, USA


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Ad ID: ADN-26602
Times Ad Viewed: 998 times
Date Listed: 11/18/2017
Date Expires: 27 days from now

verified Rescue Information

Organization Name: Doxie Acre
Location: Germanton, NC 27019
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Breed: Dachshund
Gender: Female Female


Age: Senior
Color/Markings: Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
Size at Maturity: Small
Availability Date: 11/18/2017
Location: Germanton, NC 27019
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Tags: Dachshund Dog For Adoption in Germanton, NC, USA

Dachshund Dog For Adoption in Germanton, NC, USA

Physical Attributes
Coat Length Short
Altered Yes
Behavioral Characteristics
OK with Kids No
OK with Dogs Yes
OK with Cats Yes
Additional Information
Was the Dog Found No
  • Up-to-date on Vaccinations

Posted Breed: Dachshund (short coat). Name – Sochi and/or Sofie Location – North Carolina Adoption Fee - $100.00 each Sochi and her sister Sofie were dropped off at a local shelter when their owner passed away. No family member would give them a home to live out their final years, just dropped them off at the shelter nameless. They were taken into foster care during the winter Olympics taking place in Sochi, Russia hence her name and Sofie just looked like a Sofie. Both girls were in horrible condition, neither had obviously ever been to a vet, never properly cared for. Sochi and Sofie had mammary tumors, the nastiest teeth we’d seen in a while, very heartworm positive, very overweight and not spayed. Because of the severity of the heartworms and age it has taken a year and multiple surgeries to get both girls healthy. The girls are estimated to be between 10 and 11 years old black and tan smooths. They have been separated since coming into foster care due to not having room in the same foster home. We did get them together after all the medical treatment had been completed but too much time had passed, they didn’t know one another. For that reason they can be adopted separately. Sofie and Sochi have different and yet the same personalities or traits. Both are set in their ways and love their comfort. Both girls could stay in bed all day long if you didn’t make them get up. They like to have a nice warm lap to rest in and tummy rubs all day long. Neither one is food aggressive and will let you know when it is time to eat. Sochi will take more time adjusting to a new environment where as Sofie will adapt more quickly. Neither one are completely housebroken but a work in progress. If they had a one on one owner relationship they could still be housebroken. The girls have been in rescue for over a year due to all their earlier health issues. They are now healthy and ready to be adopted. Sochi has been fostered with a cat but Sochi has not. Children are an unknown to both as far as their foster homes know. Probably older children would be best. Both girls sleep in the people bed at night; they know where it is most comfortable. Sochi and Sofie have just amazed their foster parents with their young attitude and resilience to bounce back from all the surgeries they have had to go through. These girls are enjoying their new found freedom to the fullest. Both girls deserve to spend the rest of her life as a very loved and pampered pooch. Sochi and Sofie are now current on their vaccines, heartworm negative and on heartworm prevention. They have had dentals, been spayed and microchipped. If you can offer either Sochi and/or Sofie the pampered life they deserve please e-mail their foster parents at or fill out the on-line adoption application at and specify you are interested in either Sochi and/or Sofie. Preference will be given to North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina applicants but applications from other states will be considered. Since we like to meet all of our adopters that prevents us from using group transports to get our foster kids to their new home. We will transport our foster's ourselves or meet our adopter's half way if a reasonable distance. Otherwise the adopter will be required to come to North Carolina to aquire their new companion. For additional nformation please contact us at, or fill out an Online Application.


A.K.A. : teckel
Overview: The Dachshund (German for 'badger dog') is a family favorite. Playful, friendly, and full of charm, he makes a great pet.
Breed Group: Hound
Weight (lbs): miniature - 11lb and under, standard - over 11lb (
Height (in): 5-9
Colors: Solid red, sable, or cream; black and tan, chocolate and tan, wild boar and tan, gray and tan, or fawn and tan, brindle.
Coat: Coat can be smooth, long, or wire-haired. The hairs on the Wire-haired Dachshund should lie flat and be as hard as possible.
Character: Dachshunds are brave, intelligent, and independent.
Temperament: This breed is fairly reserved around strangers, but will form a strong bond with its family. They can be somewhat assertive toward other dogs.
Care: The Dachshund needs occasional brushing to remove dead hairs. The long-haired variety can be prone to tangles, so they may require more grooming. The wire-haired variety should be plucked twice yearly.
Training: This breed can be easy to train (particularly the long-haired variety). However, all varieties require a firm and consistent approach to keep their minds on track.
Activity: The Dachshund needs a fair amount of exercise, so long walks are required.
Country of Origin: Germany
Health Issue: This breed is prone to spinal disc problems and can develop heart disease, urinary tract problems, and diabetes.
Life Expectancy: 12-15

More About Dachshund Breed
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