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  • Dachsi Apso Dog For Adoption in Lovingston, VA



    Breed: Dachsi Apso
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Adult
    Location: Lovingston, VA
    Posted Breed: Lhasa Apso / Dachshund / Mixed (long coat). Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson County ALMOST HOME 29 Stagebridge Road, Lovingston, VA 22949 434 263-7722 Email: IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ All animals are located at Almost Home at the above address with the following exceptions... (PSP) indicates they are located at Pets Supplies Plus, Charlottesville, VA; (FC=initials) indicates animal is living in Foster Care not at our shelter; Courtesy Postings - see bio for contact information as animals do not belong to Almost Home. ADOPTED!!! ADOPTION UPDATE: 11-27-16 Below is a photo of MARLEY, AT HOME. Finally!!! He loves his big fenced yard (runs around in it non stop), smiles as he explores his new house, LOVES his new mom and dad, and THEIR BED. He slept with them last night and EVERYONE loved it. J His new mom says he acts like he has lived at their home all his life. He asked to go out and potty at 3:00am so they took him out. He peed and then everyone went back to bed. All is well. No more KUDZO behavior from this little guy. Thanks for putting up with all of my crazy e-mails in regard to him. Over and out! UPDATE 11/18/16: Marley! Marley! Marley! This little guy is 3 years old and weighs 20 pounds. He appears to be a Dachshund/Lhasa Apso (mix) with a whiteish tan coat and some white tips on his feet and tail. (He looks like a Dashi Apso.) He was owner surrendered this week because his family could not afford to keep him. (He does wear the kind of coat that needs to be groomed regularly.) Our hearts go out to him because he is somewhat frightened and unsettled here. He has lived with the same family since he was born and he doesn’t understand what happened in his life to upset his entire apple cart and change everything he has ever known. He didn’t do anything wrong; his family just couldn’t afford to keep him. Marley likes our staff already though. Even though he is cautious about meeting new people (and might sometimes tremble and drool when meeting them), he is even starting to like some of our volunteer dog walkers. Every day that he is here he relaxes a little more. Today, he actually enjoyed his time with a couple of new people and he REALLY enjoyed the small bone that our dog trainer smeared a little bit of peanut butter on and gave him. Marley NEEDS a hero in his life right now. Could that be you? He needs someone empathetic to him, who realizes that they have what it takes to be the wind beneath his wings and give him a good, calm home in which to relax and thrive. Marley was crate trained as a puppy and he likes his crate here. He is very clean in his environment here and was house broken in his previous home. He is also GOOD ON A LEASH because he has been leash walked all his life. Marley would do best in a calm home that has a regular routine, so he can regain his confidence and relax. If his new family has children, he would do best with gentle older kids. Marley does not care for other dogs or cats, so he needs to be an only pet. He is looking for someone to show his sweet side to; someone to understand him, love him, and make him comfortable as they give him the time he needs to settle in and grow to trust them. Inside his very cute little body, Marley has ALL THE MAKINGS of being your best dog ever. NOT GOOD WITH DOGS. NOT GOOD WITH CATS. VOLUNTEERS and DONATIONS NEEDED. Visit our website for more info
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    Dachsi Apso Dog For Adoption in Lovingston, VA

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