Katherine Hepburn - Dalmatian / Pointer / Mixed (short coat) Dog For Adoption
Dalmatian-Pointer Mix Dog For Adoption in Alexandria, VA


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Date Listed: 10/01/2016
Date Expires: 20 days from now
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Organization Name: Chocolate Chip Dalmatian Assistance League (CCDAL)
Location: Alexandria, VA 22314
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Breed: Dalmatian-Pointer Mix
Gender: Female Female

Katherine Hepburn

Age: Adult
Color/Markings: White with Black
Size at Maturity: Medium
Availability Date: 10/01/2016
Location: Alexandria, VA 20783
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Tags: Dalmatian-Pointer Mix Dog For Adoption in Alexandria, VA
Physical Attributes
Eye Color Brown
Ear Type Droopy
Tail Type Long
Coat Length Short
Grooming Needs Low
Likes to Vocalize Some
Shedding Amount Moderate
Altered Yes
Behavioral Characteristics
OK with Kids Yes
OK with Dogs Yes
OK with Cats No
Energy Level High
Activity Level Highly Active
Exercise Needs High
Fence Required Any Type
Obedience Training Has Basic Training
Owner Experience Required Species
  • Yard Required
  • Leash Trained
  • Crate Trained
  • Housetrained
  • Tries to Escape
  • Preditory
  • Good in a Car
  • Likes to Fetch
  • Likes to Play with Toys
  • Likes to Be in Your Lap
Personality Characteristics
  • Playful
  • Affectionate
  • Eager to Please
  • Intelligent
  • Even-Tempered
  • Goofy
Additional Information
Was the Dog Found No
  • Up-to-date on Vaccinations

Posted Breed: Dalmatian / Pointer / Mixed (short coat). If you live in DC, MD, or VA, go to www.ccdal.org for an application form . UPDATED! Hello, I am Katie. I have been in foster care for almost five years and I just do not understand why no one has wanted me! I am a pretty, feisty, little female (45 pounds), guessed to be between 5 and 6 years old. I don't look a lot like a Dalmatian, but the local shelter said I was a "Dalmatian mix" so CCDAL took me in. I have a lot of energy and I'm very athletic. My foster mom thinks I would be good at something called "agility." I love spending time with my pack, older kids, running, cuddling, and most dogs. I need supervision in the yard because the "other" (non-Dalmatian) part of me likes to run free. I am told that I can be very charming, especially when I cock my head and put my ears up. I am also extremely playful, curious, and energetic. I am very pretty when I sit and I'm working very hard to not jump up on humans and to understand what "off" means...but it is easy to forget when I get excited to see someone or smell something yummy in the kitchen! I would love to sit in your lap, but I'm starting to undrstanding that I need to be invited up or I have to stay on the floor. I am told I am a smart girl and that I learn quickly. I snooze patiently in my crate while you are gone during the day, but when you come home, I'm ready to go with my tail wagging and wagging. At the end of a big day, I like to curl up in my crate and will burrow down for the night in my big, soft blanket. I sleep easily through the night, but in the morning I'm ready to get up and go again. To see me in action, check out my videos: #1 - Exploring #2 - Running #3 - Being Me I am spayed, housebroken, up to date on shots, and on heartworm and flea/tick preventative. I have no health problems and love playing with other dogs. A buddy would be wonderful but I'm OK with being an only dog, too. I would benefit from continued obedience training and clear, consistent direction. If you think I am right for you, please fill out an adoption application...I've waited a very long time to meet my "furever" family! Wouldn't you please take me home? Why not? 9/1/14 To learn more, go to www.ccdal.org or email us at ccdal@comcast.net.

If you’re looking to adopt a dog and don’t know where to start, puppyfinder.com is an excellent source for information about adopting a dog and will connect you with hundreds of shelters across the US that have adoptable puppies and older dogs waiting for forever homes.
  1. Do your research – find out what types of dogs would be a good fit for your lifestyle and the activity level of your family. Also keep in mind the grooming needs of certain breeds that might require frequent maintenance.
  2. Decide what you can handle – before you get sucked in by all the adorable puppy eyes you’re about to see, think long and hard about the appropriate age dog for your family or if you are capable of caring for a special needs dog. Puppies are a lot of work, if you don’t have time for potty training and obedience classes you’ll want to consider an older dog. There are plenty of middle aged, vibrant dogs up for adoption as well as many senior dogs that would be a great fit for a family looking for a more subdued dog with lots of love to give.
  3. Learn about the shelters and their adoption policies – It might be easier to start looking at shelters within a certain radius of home but don’t be afraid to venture out to other states as well. Many states have larger populations of adoptable dogs and their shelters are willing to transport pets to suitable adopting families. Some shelters might have requirements for a home visit, a fenced yard or require you to visit the pet multiple times before you commit to adopting. Understand that the shelters are doing their best to place the pets in suitable homes and these requirements are in the best interest of both you and the pet.
  4. Start looking… Once you know what you’re looking for and what to expect you can start your search through thousands of adoptable dogs. PuppyFinder allows you to search by age, breed, location and gender.
  5. Meet in person. Whenever possible it is best to meet the animal in person before agreeing to bring them into your life. Even though photos and descriptions can tell you a bit about a dog, you can’t get a true feeling for the animal until you are able to interact with them and make sure they are a good fit for your entire family, including other pets.
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    • American Pit Bull Terrier-Dalmatian Mix Dog For Adoption in Alexandria, VA



      Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier-Dalmatian Mix
      Sex: Female Female
      Age: Adult
      Location: Alexandria, VA
      Posted Breed: Dalmatian / Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat). If you live in DC, MD, or VA, go to www.ccdal.org for an application form . AVAILABLE TO ADOPTERS IN VIRGINIA ONLY! Meet Thumper, an adorable Dalmatian/Pit Bull mix that weighs 45 pounds and is about five years old. Thumper is very much still a sweet puppy and loves to play, run, and play some more! She has the sweetest face with precious expressions and ears! She came from a high-kill shelter where she was picked up as a stray and was out of time when CCDAL agreed to take her in. As you can see, Thumper is a very happy, social girl who would love to have a family to call her own and maybe even a four legged buddy to play with. She has a lot of energy and loves to run which is evident by the well defined muscles on her back end. She is very smart and is learning obedience and manners in her foster home and we are sure she will pick up on basic commands very quickly. She is already crate trained and loves to ride in the car. If you think Thumper is the right dog for you and your family and you live in Virginia, please fill out an application. Thumper is microchipped and fully vetted--spayed, all vaccines, heartworm negative, and on heartworm and flea/tick preventative. The family will need to invest in a crate since she is very much a puppy, and she will need a place to sleep and safely stay when her family is not home. Her new family will also need to continue with her obedience training. 3/4/14 To learn more, go to www.ccdal.org or email us at ccdal@comcast.net.
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      American Pit Bull Terrier-Dalmatian Mix Dog For Adoption in Alexandria, VA
    • Dalmatian-Unknown Mix Dog For Adoption in Alexandria, VA



      Breed: Dalmatian-Unknown Mix
      Sex: Male Male
      Age: Adult
      Location: Alexandria, VA
      Posted Breed: Dalmatian / Black Labrador Retriever / Mixed (medium coat). If you live in DC, MD, or VA, go to www.ccdal.org for an application form . UPDATE: Socks has improved with medication and is being weened off of it now. She is still a little shy and uncertain, but is MUCH improved over her last report. She eats well, is now reliably housebroken (when she goes outside of her own accord!), but will still urinate if you try to lead her by her collar or cut her nails. Stay tuned for another status report. 8/30/16 UPDATE: Socks has been placed on medications to help her through her fears. Being afraid of people is no way to live when you are a really cute and loving dog; but, as much as she seems to want to be close, her fear gets the better of her. Her vet is hoping that the medication will help. The plan is to give it a month or two and see if she improves. Keep watching for updates. 8/5/16 Introducing Socks.....CCDAL's first "Labmatian"!! We believe Socks has a Dalmatian head and a labrador retriever body, so she is a beautiful Labmatian! She also looks like she has socks on with her white paws and black body. Our first time meeting Socks was a little terrifying for her. She didn't want to leave the transporter's crate and get into her foster mom's crate for the last leg of her journey to a new life. Socks was an owner surrender to a rural shelter and had spent her entire life in an outdoor pen. When the owner passed away, the family brought her to the shelter. Socks was very scared and not sure what was going on or who to trust. She had a wonderful shelter volunteer who worked very hard to find her a safe place where she could learn to trust. Socks was transported to CCDAL the Saturday before Easter. She was very nervous, but did not make a peep during transport and sat nicely in her crate. Her foster mom is patiently working with her so she can learn how wonderful the world can be! She will come up to her foster mom to have her face rubbed and wags her tail, but will back away if her foster mom tries to pet down her body. She loves food and that helps motivate her to learn new things! She so wants to trust and will get there! We already know that she can "smile" when she is happy (see picture below). Socks is believed to be about 5 years old, has been spayed, microchipped, received all shots, is heartworm negative and on preventative, and is being fostered with Katie. If you are interested in adopting her, please fill out an application and watch her page for how she is progressing! To learn more, go to www.ccdal.org or email us at ccdal@comcast.net.
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      Dalmatian-Unknown Mix Dog For Adoption in Alexandria, VA
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