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  • Frengle Dog For Adoption in Princeton, MN



    Breed: Frengle
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: Adult
    Location: Princeton, MN
    Posted Breed: French Bulldog / Beagle / Mixed (short coat). Zeena is a gorgeous girl who is eager to please and has tons of love to give! She was found by her foster wandering the streets in pretty rough shape. Since she is so much happier and healthier now, she's so excited about life! Zeena does have a high prey drive and doesn't always do well with small dogs or cats (and is very interested in squirrels/rabbits/etc.). She does have the ability to climb fences (though privacy fences are harder to climb). Zeena will need to be tethered/leashed/fenced with supervision because she has the tenancy to chase after things. Zeena is very playful and energetic and would make a good running partner, but needs some leash training. She does well with other dogs her size or larger and just loves to play! Because she loves playing so much, she can be vocal, which may sound scary, but it's just her way of being excited! Zeena is crate trained, house trained and knows a few basic commands. Zeena is an incredible girl and will make an amazing companion! Like all of us humans, she's a bit rough around the edges and maybe a little misunderstood. She needs someone who is willing to put in the time and work and be dedicated to her, and in return, she'll give so much love back to you! PS. I may look big in these photos, but I am just a small, cutie patootie! Submit an Adoption Application * All animals are in foster homes located throughout the Twin Cities & Central Minnesota. We do not have a facility. *
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    Frengle Dog For Adoption in Princeton, MN

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