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  • Golden Pei Dog For Adoption in Rustburg, VA



    Breed: Golden Pei
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Senior
    Location: Rustburg, VA
    Posted Breed: Golden Retriever / Shar Pei / Mixed (long coat). Update 1/2/17: Jake was treated to cherry eye repair surgery last week, and he has recovered extremely well. The surgery was just what he needed to get up and around again, and not have to continually deal with eye drops daily, as well as "streaming" eyes. Everyone loves his attitude and his gentle ways. Here is what his foster mom wrote today: "Jake is really doing well! He definitely sees a lot better since his surgery and he has become accustomed to being a house dog and family member! He follows us around especially in the kitchen and most nights looks to sit with us. He enjoys attention and loves nothing more than belly rubs! I had my doubts for awhile about his health but he really seems to feel much better. He is still mostly inactive with sparks of energy here and there but seems extremely content." First posting: Jake's foster mom adores him! After two months, she provided this insight about his charming personality: He was taken to the shelter as a stray. We guess he is 10 years or older. Jake's coat is still growing back as he is recovering from a skin infection that caused hair loss. In addition to getting Jake's skin healthy he had a complete dentistry so his remaining teeth are nice and clean. He has severe vision loss and doesn't hear well either. His eyes do occasionally need drops to keep them moist. He has cher He gets around ok, but he can only manage a couple of steps in and out of the house. He is a gentle, easy going guy that enjoys someone sitting with him and giving him belly and back rubs. He rarely barks. He gets along great with everyone. He is very content to spend much of his day napping ( he especially likes to be outside napping when the day is nice). His other favorite pastime is eating! He will perk up if he smells dinner! Jake would probably do best with someone with an easy going life style because he enjoys sleeping in and is a slow riser. He is very well house trained and is able to have run of the house while I am out. Jake does well with cats, and has wonderful social graces with other dogs of all ages and sizes. He is also fine with sweet, gentle children. But he would give up other dogs as companions if he had only a human, and he would be perfectly happy and content to be the one and only friend in your household. Interested? Please begin the process by submitting an application at
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    Golden Pei Dog For Adoption in Rustburg, VA

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