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Breeder Name: Emery-n-Denise
Years in Business: 12 years
Location: AVA, MO 65608
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Breed(s): Golden Retriever
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Golden Puppies kennel golden-puppies dot com has a responsible breeding program with the healthiest and best temperamented Golden Retrievers obtainable. We are not a backyard breeder or a puppy mill. We breed Goldens purely for the passion of this breed. We interact with our dogs and puppies on a daily basis and provide the best treatment available. We live in a country rural setting with many acres to allow our Goldens to roam and have the best life we can provide. We feed all our dogs premium quality dog food with nutritional supplements and regular Veterinary health check-ups. We love Goldens and only breed pure bred Goldens Retriever puppies because we think this is the best breed in the world. Many people tend to agree. View our available pups at golden-puppies dot com.

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