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Breeder Name: LOIS
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We have over 20 years of experience with Great Danes, and cannot imagine life without them. Starting with one brindle female, name Gracie, our hearts were stolen by this gentle giant (we called her a teacup dane because at 110# she was very petite. Never without a dane when we could manage, Gracie was followed by another brindle girl, Gracie (easy to remember, yeah?) We now have three danes, and never thought we would breed one, but our current merle, Georgie Girl, has a personality we are hoping will carry on. She is so gentle and loving. A natural mother, this will be her one and only litter because we don't want to stress her out again. So, we have a litter of eleven, and one proud boy has already been adopted. This leaves us two males and eight females. The pups are a month old, and have taken over the house. Even though walking across the living room is like crossing a puzzle field that would make Indiana Jones proud, I would not trade this experience for anything. The wiggling balls of energy have sprouted teeth, much to mom's surprise, so I am weaning them off onto a special blend of goats milk, powdered kibble, raw egg and warm filtered water, and a drop of karo syrup. They are thriving!

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