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Breeder Name: Lana
Years in Business: 1 years
Location: LEBANON, OR 97355
(503) 884-1774
Breed(s): Great Pyrenees-Maremma Sheepdog Mix
Services: Stud Services Available

These amazing dogs are referred to by various names such as Livestock Guard Dogs, Livestock Protection Dogs and Livestock Guardian Dogs. They are most frequently referred to as LGD for the shortened version. Not just any dog is capable of being a livestock guardian dog as there are only a limited number of breeds that are in this reserved classification of dog. They are loyal to their charges and have been known to lay down their lives to protect them. Our farm could never be run without our LGDs. It was one of the best decisions we could have made when buying our new property and starting a farm. They are the protectors of our livestock, property and family. Inaudible noises send these large, athletic dogs barreling through the pastures towards the intruder whether it be day or night. Our adult dogs are diligent to watch fence and forest lines to keep out anything that does not belong within their perimeter. Their keen senses help them defend the farm against coyotes, cougars, black bears, foxes and smaller pests such as skunks, raccoons and moles. The team watches over goats, rabbits, free range chickens and ducks, and our human family. They are very loyal, respectful of fences and not excessive barkers. We breed for the dogs ability to not only protect but also for a positive temperament. Our momma's do a wonderful job of teaching the puppies the ropes and they are exposed to livestock from the beginning.

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