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Organization Name: TreeTops Animal Rescue
Location: Landenberg, PA 19350
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Breed: Husky Mix
Gender: Male Male


Age: Adult
Size at Maturity: Medium
Availability Date: 12/09/2016
Location: Landenberg, PA 19350
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Posted Breed: Shepherd / Husky / Mixed. 12/5/16 Help Mal find a home for the holidays! Mal is a such a sweet loyal loving and obedient boy and it's a shame he's still in foster care. Unfortunately he's nervous around new people and dominant with other dogs, so we can't take him to adoption events. We have learned a process for meeting new people that helps him make human friends in about 15 minutes, and he ignores the outside cats and gets along with the submissive dog here. Mal would do best in a quiet home with patient dog experienced people who will keep working on his sicial skills, especially a family who wants a protective dog. 11/14/15: Mal is such a well-behaved boy that the other day when I accidentally left a package of hot dogs on the kitchen table, it was still there when I got home from work. I don't think we've ever had another dog who wouldn't have eaten them when they were sitting out for 6 hours! 9/26/15: Mal is now doing great with the other dogs and cats in his foster home and he's also doing better meeting new people, although he's still nervous at first. Mal remains a sweetheart with his family, loyal, obedient, affectionate, and well-behaved. 3/28/15: Malcom (Mal) will be a wonderful dog for the right person, well-behaved, companionable, and very loyal. He is neutered, up to date on shots, crate trained, and housetrained. He is quiet, doesn't chew, and walks well on a leash, and takes treats extremely gently. Mal loves his toys and will carefully pick them up and show them proudly to us to admire when we come into the room, and will immediately let go, if we ask to take it. Sometimes he carries a favorite outside with him, puts it carefully down while he moves off to do his business, then picks them up to bring back to the house. Mal would be great as an only dog, but his behavior with other animals remains unpredictable, in that every once in a while he gets excited and jumps onto and grabs another dog. It does not really seem aggressive, more dominant playful, but our other dogs are old and react badly when this happens, so we are keeping him separated from them here. He might be fine with a younger submissive dog who enjoys rough play, but would probably be better as an only pet. Mal is very bonded with me (a woman) and acts protective when meeting strangers inside our home, so he needs a careful introduction to new people. He does better if introduced to them in a neutral setting, and he has quickly become affectionate with other people once he has accpeted them as safe. Update 10/16/14: I just adore this dog! Mal is quiet and well-behaved, will sit and hug on command, and we are working on ball and shake. He wants nothing more than to be with us, but isn't clingy and does well when alone. Although interested in the cats, I think he'd be fine with a dog-savvy cat, and he's co-existing well now with our two large even tempered girl dogs as well as the crotchety senior little dog. 9/5/14 Update: Malchom(Mal) is one of those easy dogs- he's quiet, calm, well-behaved, affectionate, housebroken and crate trained. Although his mom looked like a spitz mix, Mal looks similar to a white German shepherd and like that breed is very loyal, a devoted companion who is very focused on obeying his person. He's finished his heartworm treatment and is now ready to resume normal activity and to find a new home! At the shelter Mal was attacked by another dog who bit his lip badly enough to need multiple stitches. Although he doesn't seem upset being around other dogs, he has on occasion lunged at or grabbed some dogs who came up too close to his face. This may be protective or possibly dominance, and although he hasn't injured anyone, it startles and upsets the other dogs (and us). Since Mal is more interested in people than other dogs, he'd be great as an only pet, but because he has a calm temperament in general and wants to please so badly, we do believe Mal can be retrained to feel safe with normal dog activity. 8/18/14 Update: Malcolm just arrived a southern shelter Aug. 16th. He is a super super sweet, gentle and quiet boy, who just wants to please. Malachi will be an extremely handsome boy once he's put on some weight, cleaned up, and had some good quality food to improve his coat. He was just treated for heartworm last week, so needs to rest for three more weeks before resuming normal activity, but could be adopted at the end of the month by someone willing to monitor him until that time. Notes from the shelter: This is Malachi…..who came in filthy and covered with fleas. I just don’t need to get started on that. These pics were taken before his bath, so next week, I’ll try to get pics of clean Malachi for you. He is a sweet boy, as you can see here. He had probably never had a bath in his life, but he was very good and SO enjoyed the gentle scrubbing to get the layers of dirt off his skin and no doubt itching from the fleas. He’s a gentle dog, and very pretty, and will be even prettier once his coat gets shiny and pretty from good nutrition and no fleas. He is HW positive. I think he is only about 2-3 years old and weighs 35 lbs.

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    • Borador Dog For Adoption in Landenberg, PA



      Breed: Borador
      Sex: Female Female
      Location: Landenberg, PA
      Posted Breed: Border Collie / Labrador Retriever / Mixed. 5/10/17 Update from the foster mom: She is doing well. She's spooked by random things, she won’t walk by my rain boots if they are by the door. But she is much happier. She loves to be outside and to go on walks. She does better with walking if we are at a park rather than in a neighborhood. She feels the need to stop and look at every house as we walk by. Almost like she’s going to buy that house. She seems to have tummy issues about once a month but I spoke to the vet and they didn’t seem to concerned since she still is being active. She even wagged her tail the pass two days when I got home from work. She must know the sound of my car now because she’ll be waiting at the door for me so we can go outside when i get home. She loves to chew on fleece like things, such as blankets and pillows. I have since gotten her a fleece chew toy to discourage her from eating my things. She hates getting a bath and is shedding like crazy. She’s a good listener. She won’t really come to you if you call her to just pet her, but if I stand by the door and say lets go outside she’ll walk/run to the door and stand at the top of the stairs for me to put her lease on. She’ll also look out the window and grower and bark if there is a cat or rabbit outside. Depending on the time of day/night i have to say no or stop. The first two photos are after I said no and stop. First she tried to out smart me by just resting her head on the the arm of the love seat. The next one is where I told het stop again. haha she looked so guilty. Other than that which is super rare, she’s quiet. Chews on her bones and plays with her toys. She sometimes comes up for a pet but mostly she hangs on her couch. When I bring her to my parents she’ll play with their dog Penny. And when she wants a break from Penny she’ll hang under their dinning from table. She’s a sweet girl 2/16/17 Update fro the foster mom:Knaan is doing fine. She's starting to explore more outside. She likes to look at the Bunny that is hiding in the bushes out back. 1/16/17 Knaan arrived from a shelter yesterday and is still a little overwhelemd with all the changes. She is prettier her than her shelter pictures show, but very scared, especially of men, so she will need a patient owner to help her learn to trust. Notes from the shelter: Our 2 little black girls Knaan and Knollie (rescued previously) got to spend a long time hanging our with the students today. The students wanted to give our shy girls as much time out as possible so they just sat in the sun and hung out. These girls have been at the shelter for a long time and they have not had much opportunity to get out. Both are sweet girls, Knollie is more outgoing at this point and was more relaxed being surrounded by people while Knaan needs a little more time to warm up. Knaan does come up to you for attention, but she is a sweet, quiet girl, not demanding. Knaan is a beautiful girl who needs the company of other dogs. She sat very still while the students petted her.
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      Borador Dog For Adoption in Landenberg, PA
    • Dachshund Dog For Adoption in Landenberg, PA



      Breed: Dachshund
      Sex: Male Male
      Location: Landenberg, PA
      Posted Breed: Dachshund / Corgi. 5/3/17 Update from the foster mom: Dodger has improved so much from the first day. He loves to be outside and go on walks. He is great on a leash! When you come home, he greets you like royalty. He is so excited to see you, and is always ready to play. He has learned fetch and tug-of-war. He is also content just to snuggle on your lap, and will be on top of you as soon as you sit down. I've attached a picture of him, but he knows when you have the camera out so getting a good picture of him is hard. Dodger can be occasionally be nippy when upset, so we are looking for a home with experienced dog owners and without young children who can work with him to develop confidence so he doesn't feel the need to defend himself. Notes from the shelter: Nicely sharing his space with adult dogs. Small, crawly, unpredictable pups who get in his face may now be a great choice also small, crawly, unpredictable kids may not be a good choice! LOL. Everyone one else IS a great choice for him! 2-3 yrs old; dachsi/corgi mix; male; 20 lbs; 3/13; hw- More about me April 8: Dodger is a cute little guy who would love a calm quiet home. He is a little timid and it takes him a while to warm up to people. Once he gets to know you he is happy to just be near and ok being petted but he doesn't have to be sitting in your lap all the time. Dodger is a great leash walker and would be a good choice for someone who likes to walk for exercise.
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      Dachshund Dog For Adoption in Landenberg, PA
    • Beagle Dog For Adoption in Landenberg, PA



      Breed: Beagle
      Sex: Female Female
      Location: Landenberg, PA
      Posted Breed: Beagle / Basset Hound. 2/21/17 Darling Noelle is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. She is good with dogs (except she will steal their food) and with cats (very interested in sniffing but not aggressive) and she is a loving dog who enjoys cuddling. She does have some small mammary tumors which are being removed which led to a large growth in her lymph node which was cancerous, but luckily x-rays confirm that it was removed cleanly and hasn't spread to any internal organs. 1/29/17 Noelle just arrived last night from her S.C. shelter and is a super sweet beagle/bassett girl- long body with short-legs. She is a little timid with new poeple but likes dogs and so far ignores the cats. She has about 2 more weeks of resting after her heartworm treatment and then can resume normal activity. Notes from the shelter: Noelle was picked up as a stray by a good Samaritan who brought her to the shelter. She is new to the shelter, so we are still learning about her personality – but so far she is just a sweet girl! She is ready to get into a home of her own to cuddle up on these cold winter nights!
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      Beagle Dog For Adoption in Landenberg, PA
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