STILLMISSING JACK RUSSELL CHESTER - Reward - Jack Russell Terrier (short coat) Dog For Adoption
Jack Russell Terrier Dog For Adoption in NORWICH, NY


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Date Listed: 07/08/2016
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Location: NORWICH, NY 13815
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Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Gender: Male Male


Age: Adult
Color/Markings: White with Brown or Chocolate
Size at Maturity: Small
Availability Date: 07/08/2016
Location: NORWICH, NY 13815
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Tags: Jack Russell Terrier Dog For Adoption in NORWICH, NY
Physical Attributes
Coat Length Short
Altered Yes
Behavioral Characteristics
Activity Level Moderately Active
Obedience Training Has Basic Training
  • Housetrained
Additional Information
Was the Dog Found No
  • Up-to-date on Vaccinations

Posted Breed: Jack Russell Terrier (short coat). 10/10/15 On October 11, 2014, our little JRT, Chester, disappeared from his home in Chenango Forks, NY. He is still missing. PLEASE share this information. Chester is a small, neutered male dog, mostly white with brown ears and a brown nose. He was ~15 lbs. He would be 12 years old now. Please visit Chester's web page to see more photos of him. I am not giving up hope of finding him (even though I know all the possibilities). Contact us either through Chester's web page or at Visit: **** We are offering a $500 reward for his safe return.**** ======================================================= Chester is STILL missing. It is one month today. If anyone has any information on a little, wiry-haired, neutered male Jack Russell with brown ears, eyes and nose, PLEASE call 607-692-2209 or 607343-0621. There is a $500 reward for his safe return. ------------------------- Missing from the Triangle/Chenango Forks area since October 11th - small neutered male Jack Russell. White with brown ears, eyes and nose. Wearing a gray flea collar. Very friendly. Comes to anyone. Name is Chester. If you find him or have any information please phone 607-692-2209 Facebook

Jack Russell Terrier

Overview: A strong, active, little working Terrier of great character with flexible body of medium length. His smart movement matches his keen expression. Tail docking is optional and the coat may be smooth, rough or broken.
Breed Group: Terrier
Weight (lbs): 14-18
Height (in): 10-12
Colors: White should predominate (i.e., must be more than 51% white) with tan, black, or brown markings. Brindle markings are unacceptable.
Coat: Smooth, without being so sparse as not to provide a certain amount of protection from the elements and undergrowth. Rough or broken coated, without being woolly.
Character: The terrier must present a lively, active and alert appearance. It should impress with its fearless and happy disposition. It should be remembered that the Jack Russell is a working terrier and should retain these instincts. Nervousness, cowardice or over-aggressiveness should be discouraged and it should always appear confident.
Temperament: The Jack Russell Terrier is a perky, merry, devoted, and loving dog. Spirited and obedient, yet absolutely fearless. Careful and amusing, he enjoys games and playing with toys. Friendly and generally kind to children who have been taught not to tease or strike the dog. They are intelligent, yet willful and determined. They can be slightly difficult to train and need a firm, experienced trainer. The Jack Russell can be aggressive with other dogs if not well trained and socialized.
Care: All coat types are easy to groom. Comb and brush regularly with a firm bristle brush, and bathe only when necessary. To show, owners must strip the coat. Like the rough coat, the broken coated Jack needs to be stripped out also.
Activity: The Jack Russell terrier is very adaptable and will exercise itself in a small yard, but it will be in its glory with space to run, hunt and play.
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Health Issue: Some are prone to dislocation of the kneecaps, inherited eye diseases, deafness, Legg Perthes-a disease of the hip joints of small breeds of dogs.
Life Expectancy: About 15 or more years.

More About Jack Russell Terrier Breed
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      Breed: Chow Chow-Husky Mix
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      Posted Breed: Chow Chow / Husky / Mixed (long coat). Lou was rescued from a North Carolina shelter. He is a friendly, affectionate, playful dog, However being chow he has his quirks, does not like to be pushed, and when he sets his mind he does not easily back down. He has a history of serious food guarding/biting in a previous foster home-tried to grab food from a table. Here occasional polite rumble when handled a little rough. One serious episode of angry growling and attempt to snap, not ready to come back into the house when leashed and walked through the door. He needs an experienced owner, and is not suited for a home with children or close neighborhood kids. On the other hand he is a loyal dog, even if he does not always listen promptly, he has no plan to run away (like huskies often must). With smaller dogs, up to 25 lbs, he can be too in-your-face. HW negative, neutered. About 5 y/o For application please mail
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      Posted Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler (short coat). Zack has been in his current foster home for some time. He is a loyal, playful dog, probably from local "herding stock" -rural breeders value the breed for guarding of live stock. He was given to a small dog rescue as a 6 months old pup by his first owners. He did not mix well with small dogs (still does not), and came to this foster home. He has been neutered, is healthy, hw negative. He is calm when indoors, does not mind being crated, but needs regular outdoor activity. Loves to jump, retrieve and investigate. He comes when called and follows basic commands, Not sure about swimming, but probably would retrieve. Gets along well with dogs his size. He is reluctant to meet strangers and can be nippy when approached too fast. Alert and watchful, barks to alert only. Too active for small children. For inquiries and adoption application please contact:
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      American Pit Bull Terrier-Unknown Mix Dog For Adoption in NORWICH, NY
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