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  • La-Chon Dog For Adoption in Chaska, MN

    Gus - no lon...


    Breed: La-Chon
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Adult
    Location: Chaska, MN
    Posted Breed: Lhasa Apso / Bichon Frise / Mixed (medium coat). What to say about a dog named Gus. Best guess about Gus is that he is a Lhasa Apso possibly Bichon mix. He’s about 3, but coming to us as a stray, it is only speculation. He’s fluffy, soft, and wants desperately to be someone’s best friend. About 20 pounds, give or take, Gus likes to sit devotedly at your feet. He’ll greet you at the door with much happiness and can’t wait for his food bowl to be presented to him. He’s not a real “player,” meaning he’d rather follow you like a shadow or sit on your lap as opposed to playing with another dog. He is quite jealous of others that approach you if you are holding him. He can put on a good snarly face, and has been known to nip. Because of this, Gus would definitely benefit from few courses in obedience training. While he is devoted, he needs to learn to dial it back a little when in public places or meeting new people. House and crate trained, he can be trusted to be out while you are gone. But of course, he’d much rather you be with him all the time. (What dog doesn’t.) He likes a bath, but blow drying is a little bothersome, though not agitating. Finally, because of his nipping and sometimes unpredictable growliness, Gus should be in an adults only home. And with someone who has dog experience. In truth, Gus is an exceptional dog who just needs a gentle but firm hand to manage his occasional inappropriate behavior. He'll be your devoted companion. Promise Gus is neutered, microchipped, negative for heartworm, and current on vaccinations. Adoption fee $350.00 If interested, please submit an online adoption application ***CSHS DOES NOT SHIP PETS***
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    La-Chon Dog For Adoption in Chaska, MN

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