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  • Leonberger Dog For Adoption in Missoula, MT



    Breed: Leonberger
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: Adult
    Location: Missoula, MT
    Posted Breed: Leonberger (medium coat). Dolly is a 3 year old Leonberger/German Shepherd mix. This giant sized lap dog suffers from stranger danger. It takes Dolly several visits to warm up to anyone new. Once she knows you, Dolly becomes a big, playful lug. She tries very hard to curl her long body into a little ball to crawl into your lap. Dolly will lean on you for comfort and loves to put her big feet up on your shoulders. She also enjoys playing fetch. We love watching her run with her long gangly legs, lolling tongue, and slowly swooshing tail. She is one of those dogs that steals your heart when you see the fear leave her eyes, and her loving personality comes out. She will take treats from some strangers, but definitely won''t tolerate her comfort zone being pushed. Dolly will come around in her own time. If you have the patience and committment to help this girl learn to trust and work on her socialization skills, Dolly would make a wonderful and loving companion.
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    Leonberger Dog For Adoption in Missoula, MT

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