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Mastador Dog For Adoption in Enfield, CT


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Date Listed: 11/28/2016
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Organization Name: Good Dog Rescue
Location: Enfield, CT 06082
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Breed: Mastador
Gender: Female Female


Age: Adult
Size at Maturity: Large
Availability Date: 11/28/2016
Location: Enfield, CT 06082
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Posted Breed: Mastiff / Labrador Retriever / Mixed. To adopt please fill out an adoption application. Maya is a 7yo female Mastiff lab mix who was surrendered in Mississippi by her owner who could no longer keep her. Loving, obedient, docile, good temperament. A little timid at first with strangers but warms up quickly. Loves other dogs and is fine with cats. No history with kids so she's recommended for dog-savvy children 12 years and older. Medium-high energy level outside, quiet and well-mannered in the house. Crate trained and housebroken. Obeys basic commands. Loves to be with her people. Good on a leash, rides great in the car. Healthy and fully vetted, current on shots, spayed, weighs about 55 pounds. Sweet mastiff girl will make a wonderful companion for a family who loves the breed. To adopt please fill out an adoption application. Contact us at visit us at Good Dog Rescue

Overview: The Mastador is a cross between a purebred Mastiff and a purebred Labrador Retriever. They are called hybrid dogs due to their origination from two different pure breeds. The Mastador is a large dog that can stand from 28 to 36 inches and weigh anywhere between 100 to 200 pounds or more. These dogs are alert, cheerful, loyal and social. They are very strong dogs that have brown, expressive eyes and strong muscular legs. These dogs are suitable for families with older children as they get excited and may knock over small children by accident. These dogs are social and get along well with other dogs and pets. They are loyal and protective of their family and make very good companion dogs. They can fit into apartment life is sufficient exercise and running opportunities are provided although they would ideally need a house with a fenced yard.
Breed Group: Mastiff
Weight (lbs): 100 - 200
Height (in): 28-36
Colors: golden fawn, light fawn, apricot, silver, tiger, brindle, black, yellow and chocolate
Coat: They have smooth, silky and shiny coat that is short in length and may have water-repellent hair. The coat is manageable for this breed type. It is because it comes in a short length that is easy to groom. It does not show any waves making it look ne
Character: he Mastador dogs are gentle, even-tempered and loving dogs. They are very friendly and affectionate dogs to their family. over. These dogs are loyal and protective of their family and will protect them if they sense a threat. The Mastadors have strong sense of smell and will follow it to its origin. On such occasions, they may not listen to their master so early obedience training is necessary. They are high energy dogs that would need physical activities to be content and happy. A daily walk with playing and running time is necessary for these dogs. These dogs make excellent pets for family and great watch/guard dogs.
Temperament: They are very good and gentle with children and make good play mates although care should be taken when they are with children as they may accidentally knock them
Care: These dogs should be taught not to jump in excitement as they may injure children or for that matter, an adult due to their size and weight. They should be leashed when going outdoor as they have a tendency to chase after small animals like rodents and squirrels and may run after them. They can also follow an interesting smell without listening to their master.
Training: These dogs are generally easy to train although they may show stubborn behavior from time to time. A firm but not harsh, and consistent training will help them train without much difficulty. Taming a dog does not need to be harsh and rude because this animal possess intellect. What this breed needs is actually a gentle and patient yet firm way in educating. The dog must also feel that the masters are the humans and that the man should decide for them. On the other end, it is also a pleasure for the dog because they feel that they have a work to do and that is to obey their masters.
Activity: These high energy dogs will need lots of physical and mental stimulation to be happy and content. An under-exercised dog may behave in undesirable way. This includes but not limited to excessive barking, chewing, growling. A daily walk or jog and playing opportunity is necessary for these dogs. What you teach to this hybrid is most likely what is being adopted. Thus, if you do not give them physical activity, then they will be lazy. It is because basically they are just waiting for the command of their masters. In this view, you need to take the dog our regularly just don't forget to put a lease on when they are sent out.
Country of Origin: USA
Life Expectancy: 7-12

More About Mastador Breed
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  1. Do your research – find out what types of dogs would be a good fit for your lifestyle and the activity level of your family. Also keep in mind the grooming needs of certain breeds that might require frequent maintenance.
  2. Decide what you can handle – before you get sucked in by all the adorable puppy eyes you’re about to see, think long and hard about the appropriate age dog for your family or if you are capable of caring for a special needs dog. Puppies are a lot of work, if you don’t have time for potty training and obedience classes you’ll want to consider an older dog. There are plenty of middle aged, vibrant dogs up for adoption as well as many senior dogs that would be a great fit for a family looking for a more subdued dog with lots of love to give.
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    • Labrador Retriever-Unknown Mix Dog For Adoption in Enfield, CT



      Breed: Labrador Retriever-Unknown Mix
      Sex: Female Female
      Age: Adult
      Location: Enfield, CT
      Posted Breed: Labrador Retriever / Terrier / Mixed. To adopt please fill out an adoption application. Zelda is a 2yo female lab/terrier mix who was rescued just in time from the Memphis Animal Shelter. Sweet, well-socialized, affectionate, happy, loving and playful. Loves other dogs and would benefit from a dog buddy in her new home. Good with cats and respectful of the 2 cats in her foster home. Not living with children, but Zelda is gentle and well-mannered so she's recommended for dog-savvy children 6 years and older. Medium-high energy level outside, quiet and well-mannered in the house. Crate trained and housebroken. Obeys basic commands. Loves to be with her people. Good on a leash, rides great in the car. When she came to us, it was discovered that Zelda had an old injury of her (R) rear ankle which caused her to "hop" once in awhile but which has healed and requires no treatment. Healthy and fully vetted, current on shots, spayed, weighs about 50 pounds. AWESOME young dog will make a wonderful companion (and jogging partner!) for an active family. Here's a note from Zelda's foster mom. "Zelda is a happy-spirited girl, a good girl, and oh, so lovey dovey and wanting to please her people. Her personality is endearing and we love her. She's doing great with basic obedience training and has gotten accustomed to being in the company of kitties. And our three dogs, of course. She is learning to trust my hands moving gently around her facial, neck and shoulder areas -- something she was very watchful about for a long time; I have to wonder if someone was hitting her in her former life. She's adapting to her new life with great relish. Happy, bouncy, energetic and very willing to give and receive affection. Always ready to play. She is very good about going into her crate when it's time to rest. She is bosom buddies with my dog Pal and they run like the wind together!" To adopt please fill out an adoption application. Contact us at visit us at Good Dog Rescue
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      Labrador Retriever-Unknown Mix Dog For Adoption in Enfield, CT
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