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  • Miniature Bulldog Dog For Adoption in Toronto, ON



    Breed: Miniature Bulldog
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Young
    Location: Toronto, ON
    Posted Breed: Pug / Bulldog / Mixed (short coat). Charlie is a one year old pug/bulldog mix filled with energy and spunk. He is a fun little guy who loves to play with the other foster dogs in his house and get into all the trouble that is expected of a puppy. Charlie would be best with an experienced adopter proficient in positive training that can help him with his anxiety in meeting new people, dogs and situations. With slow and steady introductions Charlie is happy to be friendly but rushed greetings or unexpected situations cause him to be reactive. He does recover quickly with a confident handler to help him through these "scary" times. His ideal home would be in a neighbourhood that isn't too busy and one with a fenced yard so he can play and run safely. His new family needs to be committed to exercising his busy little body and mind and has experience with positive, consistent training. This little guy can blossom in the right home. We are shying away from apartments and condos due to situations like elevators and unexpected activity which often frighten and spook Charlie Thanks for your interest and time reading about the little guy
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    Miniature Bulldog Dog For Adoption in Toronto, ON

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