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  • Papimo Dog For Adoption in Downey, CA



    Breed: Papimo
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Young
    Location: Downey, CA
    Posted Breed: American Eskimo Dog / Papillon / Mixed (medium coat). Jasper is a playful 2 1/2 year old beautiful pup. He also loves cuddling. Would do best in an active household. =============================== To arrange a one-on-one meeting with this HEART BANDITS dog: 1. Visit Copy/paste the text into your email program, type in your answers, then email it to (be sure to include the dog's name in the questionnaire) 2. After you have emailed the questionnaire to , call Lori at 213-200-5158 for your phone interview and schedule your doggie appointment.
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    Papimo Dog For Adoption in Downey, CA

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