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    Breed: Pekehund
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: Adult
    Location: Evergreen, CO
    Posted Breed: Pekingese / Dachshund / Mixed (medium coat). Monette is approximately three years old, and from what we can tell, she is a Pekingese mixed with something - not sure what that "something" might be doxie. We think she is a new designer dog breed --- "Doxignese"!! hahahaha She is very good with other dogs, though she is possessive of food. She's good with people, and greets everyone with open paws. Monette is always up for a little adventure, such as running errands; going for walks; going to the office with her foster mom; and any other activity that would give her a little change of pace. When you see her walk or run, you wouldn't know Monette has a broken pelvis, and the base of her tail is broken. She was a stray, who had been hit by a car. She's doing much better than when she arrived at EAPL. The orthopedic vet recommends surgery not be done, as he believes Monette can have a good quality of life without surgery, plus the type of surgery that would be needed carries a great risk of causing incontinence. Sometimes, Monette's pelvis bothers her, but when she gets ouchy, a commonly prescribed, inexpensive painkiller takes care of her discomfort. Please see the attached video that shows she gets along pretty well, despite her broken pelvis and tail. Monette absolutely must not be allowed to use stairs, except for one or two steps on a porch or patio. She does jump onto furniture that is low to the floor, and seems to have no trouble doing so. Beds are too tall for her to jump onto. Her foster mom doesn't allow her on beds, only for fear that Monette would aggravate her injuries jumping off high furniture. Monette is content sleeping in her own bed, next to her foster mom's bed. She is okay being crated or confined to a small room for a few hours, when necessary. Monette likes to be outside, so a fenced yard is recommended. She likes being held, and will happily hang out on an available lap for as long as you'd like her to. Monette is looking for a home in which someone is around much of the time, and where there are either no stairs or where access to stairs can be blocked. She would be fine in a household with another small, gentle dog (no big or rambunctious dogs who might crash into her, please), or she would be fine being the only dog. Monette is house trained. If you think this dear girl would be a good addition to your family, please put in your application today!
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    Pekehund Dog For Adoption in Evergreen, CO

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