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    Breed: Schip-a-Pom
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Senior
    Location: USA
    Posted Breed: Schipperke / Pomeranian / Mixed. Breed: Small Mixed Breed Age: 13 years Weight: 12 pounds Gender: Male Dewey is a furry little friend to all. He loves people and getting attention. He is great on a leash -- I have even seen a young child walk him. He gets a little nervous around big dogs, but he does well being introduced to medium and smaller dogs. He has lived with cats, but tends to chase off cats he hasn't met before. Dewey is ready to be someone's companion and continually elicit smiles. Dewey had a rare genetic disease that caused his sclera to continually grow. This lead to the enucleation of his eye. He has also become hard of hearing but is still his sweet, wholesome self. Dewey came to us when his pervious guardians could no longer care for him.
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    Schip-a-Pom Dog For Adoption in Pacific Grove, CA, USA
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