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  • Schip-a-Pom Dog For Adoption in Agoura Hills, CA



    Breed: Schip-a-Pom
    Sex: Male Male
    Location: Agoura Hills, CA
    Posted Breed: Schipperke / Pomeranian / Mixed. Meet Marley ! He is an adorable loving 2 year old that was rescued off the streets of Thailand. He was born on the street, and had fended for himself since birth, watching many of his friends and siblings die along the side of the road. He then was scooped up in a monthly sweep of the city from the Government, and ended up in a shelter that houses over 5,000 dogs. Only a handful will ever get out of this facility. They congregate by the hundreds dying of illness and being attacked. He was one of the very lucky ones. He was seen by some of the rescuers that we work with there and was pulled out, cleaned up, stayed for a 30 day health check to guarantee his health, and then once completely healthy, was flown here to Los Angeles to now search for his new future and a life he once only dreamed possible. He is a sweet adorable boy who is ready for his new chance. His best friend Simba is also available and the two would love to be adopted together if possible. Our adoption fee is $300 which helps offset some of the flight costs. Email for more information and to request an application.
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    Schip-a-Pom Dog For Adoption in Agoura Hills, CA

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