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  • Shocker Dog For Adoption in St. Cloud, MN

    Sirius Black...


    Breed: Shocker
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Senior
    Location: St. Cloud, MN
    Posted Breed: Shiba Inu / Cocker Spaniel / Mixed (medium coat). Hey All! I'm Sirius Black - or Sirius for short. (Can you tell my Foster Momma loves Harry Potter?! hehe) My foster mom had my ancestry DNA analyzed and we were all very surprised by the results! It turns out, I am a mix of Shiba Inu, American Eskimo, Cocker Spaniel, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and one of my great grandparents was a good ol' fashioned mutt! I'm a respectable 36 lb sized sweetie with the face of a grumpy old man. I'm potty trained and do well in the home alone. I know a few commands and am super smart, so I'd love to learn more! I'm great with other dogs! Right now I get along great with my big ol' Boxer foster brother. I've also been great on leashed walks with other large dogs and played with some itty bitty pups real nice. I'm pretty much awesome. Young kids make me nervous, but I do good with calmer and older children. My foster momma recommends patient kids in my forever home who will let me approach them. Men can sometimes make me a bit nervous too, but once I warm up, I'm sweet as can be! I LOVE walks. Holy moly, do I love walks. And treats! Oh, and toys and cuddles with my people. Bedtime is one of my favorite times because it means I can snuggle up with my favorite person! I also love to chase ! My foster mom has tried to explain to me that cats are FRIENDS, not play toys, but I don't seem to be catching on. Therefore, she says no cats in a home for me, but if you have a ball for me, I'd LOVE to get it for you! Once I get to know and love you, I'm a sweet guy who wants all the attention you can give me. I will even solicit pets by shoving my face under your arm or hand. That hand's mine, and I want it to pet me now!
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    Shocker Dog For Adoption in St. Cloud, MN

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