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  • Silky-Lhasa Dog For Adoption in Parma, OH



    Breed: Silky-Lhasa
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Senior
    Location: Parma, OH
    Posted Breed: Lhasa Apso / Silky Terrier / Mixed (long coat). For more information please contact Courtesy Listing Please note: this animal is NOT at the Parma Animal Shelter **courtesy post** Louie is a 7 year old Lhasa Apso/Silky Terrier mix, with an playful adventurous attitude, love for humans, and even bigger lover of treats. We’re looking for the right person or family for him, as he does come with a few quirks. First, let’s cover the basics: Housebroken, he’s great about letting you know when he has to go! Loves short walks Doesn’t need a lot of playtime, he’s a pretty chill dog. He likes to cuddle Generally loves people Likes older kids Super cute underbite Is a great watch dog Additionally, there are a few things to note: Louie has separation anxiety, he’d do best with someone who is frequently home. He does well in a gated off area instead of a crate. He may be a great dog for an older person or couple that want a companion, or a patient, loving person that is looking for their forever furbaby. It takes a while for Louie to warm up to other dogs in the home. With that said, having another dog in the home may greatly help with his separation anxiety. Isn’t a big fan of toddlers or very small children (he runs away and will hide, and gets very freaked out if chased by a little one), so a home without them would be best. He is not a fan of dogs he has not met before, but this may be something that can be worked on. Is a great watch dog. He is a doorbell/knock barker. It breaks my heart to do this but after long consideration we have no other choice because it is what's best for him. If you are interested, please call 440-623-9205 Like Parma Animal Shelter on FACEBOOK and help pass the word about our adoptable guests! Don't forget to share pictures with your friends! Follow us on Twitter
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    Silky-Lhasa Dog For Adoption in Parma, OH

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