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    Member since: 01/21/2017

    Breed(s): Tibetan Mastiff
    Location: GALVA, IL
    Services: Stud Services Available

    The “lion head” term began to be used in the late 90’s; and is the mongrel cross-breeding of TM’s with Chows and Neapolitan mastiffs; producing shorter, overly aggressive and dysfunctional snub-nosed dogs that are being photo shopped to look bigger; with entropic and ectropic eyes and excessive coat length that prevents them from seeing, and bad bone that prevents them from running and moving quick enough to kill wolves! We started out with the original Chinese x US bloodlines in 1983; and have since been line-breeding bloodlines from Yushu Tibet for original breed type and function! Very fast, taller and mentally stable TM’s with longer muzzles and clear, tight eyes, that allow them to chase down and kill wolves per the original breed standard! Adoption fee ranges from $800-$2000; depending upon desired quality of pet, show or breeding! Please see website and email me for pictures of available pups or adults based upon your answers to adoption questionnaire!

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