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Total Domination Nomed Reyals Dogos
CANTON, TX, 75103, USA
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USATotal Domination Nomed Reyals Dogos

American Staffordshire Terrier-Dogo Argentino Mix, Dogo Argentino and Dogo Argentino-German Shepherd Dog Mix Dogs Breeder in CANTON, TX, USA

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    American Staffordshire Terrier-Dogo Argentino Mix, Dogo Argentino, Dogo Argentino-German Shepherd Dog Mix

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We are a breeder based in East Tx that focuses on Breeding AKC Dogo Argentino and Hybrid Dogo Master Dogs for both protection and hunting purposes. We breed free range Dog's trained to be both lovin/caring and ferocious and protective when commanded. Recently come to the public's attention, after being proven by leading scientist's in the field of canine study, that a Dog's temperament and personality come from far more than his physical pedigree and Genetics. That much like our own species the environment and human families interactions with the dog's parents and family line can play an integral role in your pup's personality. That is why we our not just another puppy mill sentencing our Studs and Dams to life in a prison cage , waiting for their next meal, never learning social interactions with people and other animals. Our dogs live on 22 acres of sprawling forested area and are not caged or fenced, but live among our family. This approach based in science and canine study is a reason why our dogs are less inclined to run away, always make positive life long partners, make excellent pack hunters, and are always reviewed as top of the Line in home protection. We promise When you buy a Dogo or Master Dogo Hybrid, you are buying not just a dog but a life partner. #NomedReyals #TotalDomination

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    CANTON, TX, 75103 USAUSA

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