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Anatolian Shepherd, Maremma Sheepdog and Anatolian Shepherd-Maremma Sheepdog Mix Dogs Breeder in LECANTO, FL, USA

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    Anatolian Shepherd, Maremma Sheepdog, Anatolian Shepherd-Maremma Sheepdog Mix

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    ADGA, Nubian goats, Nigerian Goats, Crazy about Nigerian Goats, Alpine Goats,


Anatolian Shepherd & Maremma Sheepdog are the two we wanted to breed, are good watchdogs, are one of the best watchdogs, strongly protect their territory, are extremely protective guard dogs, has a low chance of biting somebody, These two breed together, are two powerhouse pups. We focus on breeding dogs to adapt to a wide variety of needs. Including but not limited to personal security, family companions, livestock guardians and service work. We own both parents and are on site and all work 24/7. Our Anatolians and Maremmas are so smart, make decisions quickly, and act without hesitation. They are loyal and fearless. They will put their life on the line to save yours or their livestock. We breed healthy, age-appropriate dogs filling the need for guardian dogs. I find them an invaluable part of a farm. Our animals are our sweethearts, not only being around goats, chickens, horses, guineas, cats, the dogs are great with my grandson. We started with chickens (daughter) then goats (grandson) horses, and then our livestock guardians, included guineas. We are staying at home, living the country life raising livestock. (Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Pure breed Nubians, Chickens, Guineas, Horses, Cats, Parrots, Cocktail, Parakeets, and Lovebird) A busy place. .fieldsplacegoats These are not just my breeding stock; these are our 4 legged and two legged babies. Our dogs see a vet for all their shots, and checkups. Our goats have tested Negative for (CAE) CAPRINE ARTHRITIS ENCEPHALITIS, JOHNE’S DISEASE, \ Q - FEVER, and TOXOPLASMOSIS. These an Our goats have tested Negative for (CAE) CAPRINE ARTHRITIS ENCEPHALITIS, JOHNE’S DISEASE, \ Q - FEVER, and TOXOPLASMOSIS. We raise our goats for Dairy, Show and Pets. We do not offer any of our animals for human consumption. Herd Is G-6-S N Herd Is G-6-S Normal I would have not ever thought I would milked goats, been on milk tests, learned so much about goats, even giving shots and help deliver a kid, and puppies.

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  2. Anatolian Shepherd
  3. Maremma Sheepdog
  4. White with black brown and tan
  5. Tan with black markings
  6. Central Florida

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