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Arizona Aussies
MESA, AZ, 85205, USA
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Australian Shepherd Dogs Breeder in MESA, AZ, USA


Welcome to Arizona Aussies, your go-to destination for lovingly raised Australian Shepherds in the heart of the Southwest. Our family-run breeding program focuses on producing healthy, well-tempered, and strikingly beautiful puppies that exemplify the best traits of this intelligent and versatile breed. At Arizona Aussies, we are committed to raising our pups in a nurturing environment, surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Arizona. Our Aussie puppies are socialized from day one and exposed to various stimuli, ensuring they grow into well-rounded and confident companions. With a strong emphasis on genetic health, our breeding dogs are carefully selected and undergo rigorous health screenings. Our mission is to provide families with exceptional Australian Shepherd puppies, bred for their loving temperament, innate herding instincts, and striking coat colors. Each Arizona Aussie puppy comes with a health guarantee, up-to-date vaccinations, and a lifetime of support. Join our growing community of Arizona Aussie owners, and let us help you find the perfect four-legged addition to your family. We invite you to explore our profile and discover the joy of welcoming an Arizona Aussie into your life!

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