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Breeder Name: Kashuba
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There are many good reasons why you should own a Black Russian Terrier.First and for most they are highly intelligent and easy to train, which is the reason they are unsurpassed as a guardians of both person and property. They will bond deeply with your family taking on the role of nanny and watching over your children and they get along easily with other pets. Although large they are not noisy or intrusive and can live in any type of setting. Their coats are hypoallergenic, and do not shed or even smell, and although long if brushed a couple times a week will stay free of tangles. They are exceptional athletes and enjoy swimming just as much as a long walk or jog. If you are now convinced the BRT is the right dog for you why not purchase a puppy from their homeland Ukraine once part of the former USSR. Sokrovische Rusi Kennel located in Kiev offers puppies of various ages and at affordable prices from parents that hold top honors for their conformation in the show ring and working abilities. We are one of a few kennels that believes in preserving the working ability of this breed and keeping them true to thier heritage. We are family run and understand that early puppy development is essential in creating a well balanced adult BRT, From birth until they leave our kennel we are interacting, testing and training our puppies so you will never purchase a shy, nervous or frightened puppy instead your puppy will be curious, confidant and self assured. We work closely with new owners in picking the right puppy best suited for their lifestyle and encourage correspondence for the life of your dog. In the 9 short years we have been raising Black Russian Terriers we have created 23 champions to date, which demonstrates our dedication toward breeding BRTs that have sound mind and body excel at the task are are asked to perform. Please visit our website we are very proud of our dogs and their accomplishments. .

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