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Breeder Name: Jennifer
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Breed(s): Boerboel
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At Rustic Raven Boerboels we breed beautiful registered Boerboels with excellent temperament. We fell in love with this breed several years ago and after researching and preparing we got our first. Have you ever heard a Boerboel owner say you can't have just one? Its true! We now have 4 wonderful Boerboels. Lorek is our first love (unfortunately not in our breeding program). Shenzi was our next and we purchased her from an excellent breeder in South Africa. We communicated for over a year while we were still getting to know the breed more as well as us getting to know each other. We had our first litter in February 2016. We kept the best female (Pandora) for ourselves. She is part of the family as well and will be part of our future breeding plans. We also acquired another female puppy (Pixie) just a week or so younger than our Pandora, from another breeder and the two girls are being raised together in our home along with Lorek and Shenzi. We raise our Boerboels in a pack and they all get along. Lorek and the pups have been through puppy training classes and Lorek is gonna test for his CGC by the end of the year. All have wonderful tempermants and we are proud of what we have raised. Ask us any questions about our dogs and we will be happy to answer.

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