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USACane Corso Puppies ICC Registered

Cane Corso Dogs Breeder in BELLINGHAM, WA, USA

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    Cane Corso

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    PNW Cane Coros Club

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    Stud Services Available


We at Mt Baker K9 Kennels have 9 puppies for sale, each has a color color code if your interested in them. 4 male, 5 Female Black Female - Black Silver Male - Blue Silver Male - Dark Blue Femail - Green Femail - Light Blue Male - Orange Male - Purple pattern Female - Red Silver Female These are all registered pure breed dogs, vet cert, health cert, Papers, Docked tails, Natural ears( Cropping can be done) .mtbakerk9, Instagram mtbakerk9, youtube mtbakerk9, facebook mt baker k9 kennels .youtube/watch?v=t5Jv9vH11lI if you’re looking for the best look no further. Do not get yourself a new dog because of a good "LOW" price and then regret it when your puppy turns to an adult. When his temperament goes out the window, and now he tears your home apart as his personality is unpredictable and snappy. All these are traits of puppies who have been bread randomly, bread to close to there family tree, inbreeding etc.. You get what you pay for, there is a reason that there is a ton of low dollar puppies out there. Be careful what you get yourself into.. I've heard of to many bad situations where new owners get them self into a new puppy, and it turns out when the puppy turns about 2 yrs old that he has a bad temperament due to bad breeding which is just a lack of research and breeding errors. And sadly the people who purchased the puppy's can no longer keep them and take them to the pound where they get put down.. Again protect your self do some research, so you will have a family friend for years.. All our blood lines are traced back over 7 generations of animals that we know and have been chosen for their temperament. Do you self a favor and do it right the first time. These are pure breed Cane Corso Italian Mastiff. . Our dogs sell fast. If you looking for the best look no further. They come with their papers, Shots and a Health guarantee. We can ship .

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