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Chow Chow-Mastiff Mix Dogs For Adoption in MACOMB, MI, USA

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    Chow Chow-Mastiff Mix

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    MACOMB, MI, 48042 USAUSA


Zoey is a Chow Chow English Mastiff Mix Dog for private adoption by owner in Macomb Michigan. Zoey has a lovely personality. 5 years old and weighing 85 pounds, Zoey is very healthy, fixed, up to date on shots, house trained and well behaved. 1.) She is easy to own, low maintenance 2.) She has those eyes that just melt your heart 3.) She is very sensitive to human emotion and just has a 6th sense when something isn’t right 4.) She is highly expressive and wears her mood on her sleeve, if you will 5.) She is super human submissive and listens without question to human commands Zoey is looking for a very loving home with owners who have lots of time for her. She would do best as an only dog in a home with a securely fenced yard. She has so much love to offer, and her size makes you feel very safe and protected. She loves walks, playing with chew toys and sleeping near the fireplace. Why is Zoey Being Rehomed? It is heartbreaking on a couple fronts, but since my lab has been diagnosed with Cancer, the stress on Zoey has caused her to become very distant, depressed, and more defensive than normal when it comes to things like food. She is used to being fed away from other dogs and any new owner should continue that practice. A home without other dogs may just offer Zoey the best life.She has so much love to give and we would love to have a family looking for a rescue ( I got her from the Michigan Humane Society as a puppy) who have a huge heart to receive all she has to offer. She is so easy to manage in the event the family gets busy and really is more like a cat than a dog. We would love nothing more than for her to be in a family where she can be the center of attention. There is a $150 adoption/rehoming fee. Supplies and veterinary records included. Questions about Zoey? Contact our Detroit dog rehoming team today. Text “Zoey” to (888) 833-2128 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

Chow Chow-Mastiff Mix Dogs For Adoption in MACOMB, MI, USA

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Chow Chow-Mastiff Mix

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