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Doberman Pinscher Litter of Puppies For Sale in SPRING LAKE, MI, USA

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Doberman Pinscher Litter of Puppies For Sale in SPRING LAKE, MI, USA
Purebred AKC Doberman Pinscher Puppies: Born 10/12/18, ready for their new homes on 12/14/18, both males and females available, all are traditional black with varying rich mahogany and tan to rust coloring. BRED FOR EXCELLENT TEMPERAMENT! Both Dam and Sire of this litter were selected for breeding to reproduce the ultimate canine family member. Puppies will have VERY high intelligence, they will be strong nerved, level headed, should do very well with agility, obedience, search and rescue, protection and make great family companions. All puppies have had their dew claws removed and tails docked (on 10/15/18) along with first shots and physicals from our veterinarian (on 11/23/18). All puppies will go to their new homes with a folder that includes their vet records, ACK papers, information on both of their parents, and numerous photos taken during their first 9 weeks of life. Both parents are heart worm negative and on preventive. Pricing Is As Follows: $1,200 AKC limited registered, ear cropping not included. $1,700 AKC full breeding rights, ear cropping not included. Ear cropping may be accommodated by our local veterinarian for an additional $550 plus daily cost of time spent at our home caring for them, if new owners are not able to take them home right away. A deposit of $400 is required to hold a puppy and full cash payment is needed at time of pick up. To be added to our fall 2019 litter waiting list, please contact Brandey at the number or email below. Brandey 616.366.1380 dobethinggmail Instagram dobething

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Doberman Pinscher Litter of Puppies For Sale in SPRING LAKE, MI, USA
Collar ID: Red. Our puppies are super sweet and love people. They are your typical play hard, crash hard group and are always looking for a place to snuggle when they’re done romping around. These babies are the perfect mix of athletic excellence and family canine companion.

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Father of the Doberman Pinscher puppies born on 10/12/2018
Warrior Von Witte (Warrior), a Standing at stud in Michigan, is from 100% European, Champion show/working lines, stands at about 28 1/4" at withers and weighs about 100 lbs (Top end of European standard). He has a deep, black and rich mahogany coloring, strong blocky head, and a square jawline giving him that fierce traditional look of the much desired European Doberman. He is extremely smart, friendly, never shy, shows no fear, athletic, protective & loyal. He learned to sit, down, shake, high five, play dead and was housebroken before 12 weeks of age, boundary trained (10 acres) by 6 months, has strong food drive (scent/tracking) and is currently in Guard dog training . All of these qualities should be passed on into his offspring. Both of Warrior's parents have been health tested and clear for vWd, hips, elbows, heart, thyroid, and eyes, No Z factor (Albino) in the lines.


Mother of the Doberman Pinscher puppies born on 10/12/2018
Warrior’s Pretty Little Arrow (Arrow), stands _ at the withers and weighed 70 lb pre pregnancy. Many more photos & videos can be seen on her Instagram account, dobething. Arrow was born on 4/24/16 in Reed City, MI and came home to us at 9 weeks old. She began obedience training at 11 weeks of age and will be sitting for her AKC Canine Good Citizen test in the spring (after recovering from this litter). Arrow has often been referred to as “the sweetest creature ever encountered” due to her loving and loyal demeanor. She is both sweet and sensitive to her owners while being alert and on guard to her surroundings at all times. While being on the larger end of the Doberman breed standards, she is built eloquently with a more petite stature and head, much like what you will see in the show rings today. Arrow has been health tested and cleared for vWd, her hips & elbows are OFA certified, has checked clear for heart & thyroid health.

Doberman Pinscher

Image (Doberman Pinscher)
A.K.A. : Doberman
Overview: Though Doberman Pinschers are large dogs, they are very graceful and a joy to behold. These make great watch dogs and companions, as they are brave and alert to any possible danger.
Breed Group: Working
Weight (lbs): 65-90
Height (in): male: 26-28, female: 24-26
Colors: Black, red, blue, and fawn, all with tan markings.
Coat: Smooth-haired, short, hard, thick and close lying.
Character: Dobermans are often very loyal to one person in particular. They're brave and very intelligent, making them excellent watch dogs.
Temperament: This breed gets along well with children, other dogs, and most household pets ' as long as proper socialization has occurred. Dobermans are not friendly toward unwanted visitors, making them superior guard dogs.
Care: The Doberman Pinscher should have a knobbed rubber glove used for dead hair removal. Check the claws and teeth routinely.
Training: This breed requires a consistent approach, using positive reinforcement.
Activity: The Doberman Pinscher has great stamina, making him an ideal participant in a variety of outdoor sports. He needs more than daily walks in the neighborhood.
Country of Origin: Germany
Health Issue: This breed is generally healthy, although some problems such as cervical spondylitis, other spinal cord problems, or blood disorders are often inherited.
Life Expectancy: up to 13
More About Doberman Pinscher Breed

Regardless of a person's identity verification status on our site, we strongly recommend to take extra steps researching and verifying the legitimacy and professionalism of anyone you are planning to deal with.

Here are some recommendations:

  1. If possible meet in-person, or at least arrange a video conferencing session.
  2. Get recommendations and reviews.
  3. Search the internet for business name or email (see if there is any information you can dig up).
  4. Use services like Paypal Verified or Google Wallet or any other verified digital payment method, where you might have any kind of recourse or purchase guarantee.

Before getting a new puppy, make sure you are prepared to share your life with a new family member for the next 15 or more years! Owning a dog is a big responsibility!

Questions You Should Ask the Breeder:

  1. Are the puppies' parents "certified"? This means that certain breeds are often at risk for genetic conditions such as hip problems, heart problems and eye problems. Most of these diseases are inherited, meaning the disease is passed from parent to puppy. Many breeders will have their dogs evaluated and tested for that disease and ultimately "certified" by a veterinary specialist to be disease-free.
  2. What are the sizes of the puppy's parents? Know how big the parents are, to get a good idea of how big your puppy will be. Is that the size dog you want?
  3. Ask to meet the dogs parents. If possible, meet the puppy's parents. Notice if they appear to be in good health and evaluate their overall temperament. Are they shy, aggressive, or well adjusted?
  4. How have they socialized the pups? Have the pups been around other dogs? Other people? Socialization is critical in puppies 6 – 16 weeks old. Proper socialization consisting of good experiences of a puppy with other puppies and lots of different ages, sizes and types of people will give you the best chance at having a well-adjusted dog.
  5. What vaccines has the puppy had? How many shots has he received and when will the puppy be due for his next puppy shot?
  6. Have the puppies been dewormed? All puppies are born with worms and routine deworming is recommended.
  7. Have any of the puppies in the litter been sick? If so, what were the signs, the diagnosis and treatment?
  8. What visits has the puppies had with the veterinarian? Have they been examined and declared "healthy"? If not, what problems have they had? Have they been on any medications?
  9. What is their guarantee? What guarantee does the breeder give with their puppies? If the puppy is found to have a severe illness, what will they do? This is a difficult topic but one that is a lot easier to cover up front rather than later.
  10. Recommendations? Ask the breeder for a couple references of puppy owners that they have sold within the past year. CALL them. Find out if the breeder was fair, if they were happy with their pups, and how any problems were handled.
  11. Breeders contract? Does your breeder require a breeder's contract? If so, what is in it? Is the breeder willing to take back the puppy at any time, if you can't keep it?
  12. Limited registration. Some breeders require that you spay or neuter your dog by a certain age. If that is the case, that may not be a problem but it is best to know before you get your puppy.
  13. What is the family history? Ask if the breeder has information about the breed line. For example, ask how long the dogs have lived and what they have died from. Write it down. This may be important for monitoring your pet as he gets older.
  14. What is the breeder currently feeding the puppy? Regardless of what they are feeding, it is ideal to continue feeding the same food for the first few days at home to minimize the risk of gastrointestinal disturbances. If you choose to change the diet, do it gradually.
  15. Health certificate and certificate of sale. Ask the breeder if he will supply a health certificate for the puppy issued by his veterinarian. Some states require also a certificate of sale.
  16. Does the breeder belong to a breed club? Ask for references.

Get your questions answered and feel very comfortable with your new puppy.

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