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    My name is Carla Brunson I live in Texas and my passion for dogs is always been a little over board. I bought a German Shepherd several years ago. I fell in love with the breed shortly after buying her and I wanted to breed her that is how I got started. I lost my mama dog to the deep east texas woods, and believe me we looked and looked. A couple of years later I lost her first pup which was the only dog we had her name was Roxanne. She came to the back door one morning with half of her face blowed off. Some city deer hunter shot my dog at close range and I could'nt save her. That was hard. Now I am the proud owner of a Labradoodle. My son bought him one and knew how much I loved breeding and loveing on puppies he bought me one and then he got a male.. Best dogs for service animals I have sold several pups to becomes service dogs.This pup is a 4th generation, which means you have the non shedding and hyper-allogenic dog. This makes these pups ideal for people with allergys. These dogs are obedient and versatility dogs.Both the dam and sire are CKC Registered The sire is an Austrailian labradoodle and is considered a purebred by some as they have been bred for sufficient generations with sufficient stock.

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    Australian Labradoodle-Labrador Retriever Mix Dog Breeder in Texas
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