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English Bulldog Dogs Breeder in CLERMONT, FL, USA


THE HOUSE OF THE BULLDOG HAS STOOD FOR FIVE YEARS AND IT SHALL REIGN FOR YEARS TO COME In 2018 we were blessed with our very first Bulldog as a gift in honor of our first child, a son; a puppy boy and a human boy, what an exciting prospect and what an exciting time indeed! Immediately we were so enamored with both of them that we knew that this was the life we wanted but we didn't choose the Bulldog life, the Bulldog life chose us. I grew up in Kentucky and had always yearned for the farm life but as my life took many paths and many turns, our family found ourselves in Florida with six acres instead of six hundred. Animals and work boots are two of my favorite things so I thought to myself, what better way to teach my son responsibility and nurturing than to include him by my side while caring for these dogs. WE ARE NOT AN OLD HOUSE, BUT WE ARE A PROUD ONE In 2020 during the pandemic we doubled, or tripled-down, bolstering our Bulldog numbers from one to three! By now, our son was 2 and he could run and talk. He had also found favor with all of our dogs and they with him. It was nothing short of miraculous that everything we had been told about this breed in regards to loving companions to even the youngest of children was true. As they grew, so did my son. WRINKLES AND HUGS In September of 2022, after years of planning and dreaming, our very first litter arrived and amongst the anticipation, we had forgotten the mother of our new pup's birthday. Well, I had forgotten, until I looked at our paperwork at the vet and realized our brand new puppies shared their own mother's birthday. It was a joyous time and it has been nothing short of everything we had every hoped it would be. Now, we are honored to bring our love of these companions to you as well. We are the House of the Bulldog and we will share what is our with wrinkles and hugs.

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