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Breeder Name: Ned
Years in Business: 10 years
Location: APPLETON, WI, 54914
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Breed(s): German Shepherd Dog
Clubs & Associations: AKC, United Schutzhund Club, German Shepherd Dog Club of America

Our mission, at Alpha German Shepherds, is to breed only the finest German Shepherds for you. Whether you are looking for a show dog, breeding dog, a working dog, or even a personal family companion, we have the perfect German Shepherd for you. Here at Alpha German Shepherds, when we mate a pair of German Shepherds, we look for the male that is sure to meet all of our standards. We always use stud dogs that have earned a Championship title and also excel in Schutzhund/IPO work. Our females are from championship stock too. All of our German Shepherds are bred with temperament, trainability and intelligence in mind. We are also a breeder with sound health a primary factor in our breeding requirements. You can rest assured that you are getting one of the finest German Shepherds available when you get your puppy from Alpha German Shepherds.

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