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Home raising German Shepherds puppies from day one until they leave us. They are socialize daily other than our children, are the other dogs, cats and livestock. Their health is utmost important to us so they are being seen by not one but two different veterinarians, getting their flea treatment, vaccinations, dewormers, heartworm, declaw job, health certifications and many more. They dont leave us until they are inspected and passed by one of two veterinarians. We are not looking for quantity but quality out of our pups, so their parents are inspected, passed with health certifications by veterinarians annually, either they will or have OFA, DNA and DM tested. They are registered in pet/breed paper with AKC. They are FAMILY dogs so they are very important to us, to assure your puppy are happy at new home and their new family are happy with him/her. We stay in contact with the buyers for about a year to make sure they dont have any problem and if they do have any questions, we do follow them up and help them at our best knowledge. Please do check us out at our facebook and the website for any more faq and contact us even just to talk.

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