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Rainbow Danes of West Michigan
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USARainbow Danes of West Michigan

Great Dane Dogs Breeder in PIERSON, MI, USA


We have over 20 years of experience with Great Danes, and cannot imagine life without them. ~ Our home includes Georgie Girl, daughters Ember and Sandy, Buddy and Rookie, our newest member of the family. ~ Rookie has the blockier face and the sturdier stance of the Euro Dane. His temperament has been a delight. He is a friendly guy, who is rarely seen without has favorite teddy bear, which he carries everywhere. He is also a champion snuggler. ~ This year, proof the universe has a sense of humor, while our ladies had never come into season at the same time before, we have three litters of 11 puppies each - at the just about the same time. ~ ~ Ember has had 11 puppies (4M / 7F), born the 7th of July. All 11 of her puppies are glossy black, most with white markings and their eyes are now open as they begin to explore their world. ~ ~ ~ Sandy has had 11 puppies, born the 14th of July. Sandy has 6 glossy black puppies with white markings (3M / 3F), and 5 merles (3M / 2F). ~ ~ Georgie Girl has had 11 puppies, born the 15th of July. Georgie Girl has had 7 glossy black puppies with white markings (4M / 3F) , and 4 merles (3M / 1F). ~ All together, we have 33 puppies. 24 Black/White puppies (11M / 13 F) and 9 Merle puppies (6M / 3F). ~ ~ Our pups are bred for temperament, not show, and as such they do not carry the price tag of dogs intended for the show ring. Towards this goal, all of the puppies are handled daily, exposing them to touch (and cuddles) and we work daily to promote a happy, socialized pup. We are proud to share that a number of our pups have been taken into families where members with PTSD have bonded to the dogs. We believe the support and unconditional love offered by Great Danes is good for what ails you.

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Embers Eleven Great Dane Puppies

Date listed: 02/16/2020

Great Dane Litter for sale in PIERSON, MI, USA Litter of 11

We list these babies as having a $400 rehoming fee. Please note, if you are a veteran, a police or fire person, the fee will only be $250. (This is our small way of saying "Thank...

Tags: Great Dane Black Black and White Boston

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