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Happy Tails Miniature Australian Shepherds
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USAHappy Tails Miniature Australian Shepherds

Miniature Australian Shepherd Dogs Breeder in COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, USA


Happy Tails Mini Australian Shepherds is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Just south of Denver CO.. I grew up having a Standard size Blue Merle in 4H, which was the beginning of a love for this breed to last many years. After I moved to Colorado I purchased Roxy who is a Red Merle then a couple of years later I purchased Lambeau (Yes, we are Green Bay Packer's fans) and together they have this beautiful set of puppies! Roxy and Lambeau are the perfect family dogs. Both travel well with us, they love to hike and go Kayaking and they LOVE the water!! I am not a Full time breeder, but have been working closely with my breeder to make sure I produce the best puppy possible for you and your family. All the puppies have been raised inside our house and treated with the highest quality possible. If I had a ranch I would keep all of these puppies, they are soooo sweet!! I am home with them 24/7 until they arrive at your door! Roxy & Lambeau (parents to puppies) are what they call a "Soft Aussie" which means they have been breed for temperament and low herding drive, which makes perfect family dogs, dive dockers, service dogs and so forth.. both of my dogs have been Kayaking, hiking, nanny dogs when the babies were little... All puppies started Puppy Culture training at 3 days old starting with Neonatal care then we move on during the Transitional period when the puppies start to open their eyes and they begin to hear. When the puppies are from 3 - 12 weeks old we begin the socialization period of introducing new sounds and objects for the puppies to play with. You will love your new FUREVER Puppy! We love on these puppies until they go to their new home! *** ALL puppies have their natural TAIL ATTACHED *** BIG BEAUTIFUL TAILS!! NO BREEDING rights are available on all our furbabies! I will deliver the puppies to your home when they turn 9+ weeks old if you live in the surrounding CO. area. :)

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