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Pomsky and Alaskan Klee Kai Dogs Breeder in SEBRING, FL, USA


We are the creators of the Kolu Huskies and Alaskan Nanuks! Family raised, these little cuties are total sweethearts. Here's a little more info on them. They are similar to, but not to be confused with the Alaskan Klee Kai or the Pomskies. We used a different blend of breeds to create both of our breeds. Making them calmer, easier to train, healthy doggies with a more loving nature. Our Kolus come in 3 sizes. Our micros range from 8-14 lbs, toys range from 15-20 lbs and our minis range from 21-30 lbs. Our Alaskan Nanuks come in 4 sizes. Our micros range from 8-14 lbs, toys range from 15-20 lbs, minis range from 21-30 lbs. and our standards range from 31-50 lbs. Their awesome temperament, coat, body structure and loving nature is just like the Samoyed. Our Nanuks just come in the most unique patterns and colors. If your looking for a laid-back, unique, healthy one of a kind doggy. Our Nanuks is the breed for you. You can see our doggies and read more about them on our website. Our Kolu and Nanuks come with an extra health guarantee, besides the standard health certificate. We are proud to be the only ones around, that gives a LIFETIME GENETIC HEALTH GUARANTEE, with all our puppies . All kennel clubs allow up to 12% of inbreeding. Having most of my family in the medical field, we do NOT inbreed. Not even 1% and if well cared for, our babies can have a very long lifespan. If you go with one of our pups he/she will come with a full physical, health certificate, lifetime genetic health guarantee, parents genetic test results, Kolu Husky or Alaskan Nanuk paperwork, UTD on puppy shots, collar, leash and micro-chipped.

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