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  • Australian Kelpie Dog For Adoption in Lone Oak, TX, USA



    Breed: Australian Kelpie
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Adult
    Location: USA
    Posted Breed: Australian Kelpie (short coat). “Tater” Shy at first, but very friendly and likes to be petted and talked to He acts very much like an older puppy, behaviorally. Somewhat fearful of men, but we are working on it Nervous in new situations such as going into a strange vehicle or building – may need to be carried He is sensitive to being yelled at or other harsh treatment; will need reward based training rather than punishment. Strong herding instincts - will chase cats and may chase cars if allowed off leash near traffic Energetic – medium drive; may be too much for small children, tiny dogs, older pets or fearful dogs; will need a moderate amount of exercise daily; would be fine with older children, I think (12 and up). Gets along fine with most other dogs – plays and hangs out He is very quiet! I have hardly ever heard him bark! Loves companionship – likes to be with his human, but does not exhibit much separation anxiety when left alone Crate trained/house trained – he will whine and paw at the crate door when he needs to go out and potty. (Never leave a dog more than 4 hours in the crate, except overnight!) Tater is very smart! He will thrive on learning lots of tricks and commands! Loves to play and is learning to fetch balls and Frisbee Likes being trained with treats and attention as rewards Loves going on walks. He walks very nicely on a harness, but less so on the collar (he may have been roughly treated on the collar) Started on marker training with the word “yes”. Commands he knows so far: sit, down, come, drop it, crate, do you want to go outside? Commands we are working on: listen (look in my eyes), leave it, off (4 feet on the ground), wait, find it, heel He does like to chew things, so will need to be managed in that regard. We are training, but he gets chewy with: any tags on his bed or blanket, his leash if we are sitting in the house and he gets bored with being on leash, and loose rugs or edges of carpet. I recommend crating or tethering him to you in the house rather than having him loose, until he is more used to following the rules. And giving him treats when he is being good! He catches on quick!
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    Australian Kelpie Dog For Adoption in Lone Oak, TX, USA

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