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Name Gender Category Meaning Famous Usage
"""Lucky"" de Marco" M Movies & Television "Married to the Mob, MGM, 1988" Played by Max the dog
"Algonquin, Gonk" M Movies & Television "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, 1988" Poodle left to Elvira by her great aunt
"Barfolomew, or Barf" M Movies & Television "Spaceballs, Mel Brooks, 1987" "Half-man, half-dog played by John Candy "
"Barnyard Dog, The" M Arts & Leisure "Walky Talky Hawky etc; Warner Brothers cartoons, 1946-58" "Foghorn Leghorn's nemesis in over a dozen cartoons; sometimes called ""Barnyard Dawg"""
"Battina, or Batty" F Movies & Television "Sesame Street, PBS, 1969-99 / Cinderella, William Wegman, 1993" One of photographer/artist William Wegman's famous weimaraners
"Beauregard, Jr." M Movies & Television "Hee Haw, 1969-92" Sleeping hound dog
"Blue Beagle, The" M Cartoons "The Blue Beagle, Tim Fuller /Critters, Fantagraphics Books" Dirk's secret identity
"Boot, or Boots" M Movies & Television "Emergency!, 1972-77" Shaggy pooch found at the station on & off seasons 2 - 5
"Chien Andilou, Un" M Movies & Television "Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog), Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali, 1928" "Title of classic surrealist film (""An Andalusian Dog:"" ""chien"" is French for ""dog"")"
"Chow Mein, or Chowsie" M Movies & Television "Gypsy, 1962" Yorshire terrier
"Colonel, The" M Movies & Television "101 Dalmatians, Disney, 1961" Older dog
"Cous Cous, Couscous" F Ethnic & Foreign - African North African pasta made from crushed semolina
"Cous Cous, Couscous" M Ethnic & Foreign - African North African pasta made from crushed semolina
"Danger, A Dog Named" M Cartoons "Outland, Berkeley Breathed, Washington Post Writers Group" "From Secret Thoughts of Your Dog, etc "
"Fraser, Frasier" M Movies & Television Strawberry "Frasier Crane, Brendan Fraser"
"Hot Dog, Hotdog" F Foods A thin sausage "From the word ""hot dog"""
"James, Jimmy" M Ethnic & Foreign - English "From the name James,supplanter" "Jimmy Stewart, James Bond, LeBron James"
"Jason, Jay" M Ethnic & Foreign - Hebrew God is my Savior "Jason Robarts, Broadway and Hollywood actor"
"Jasper, or Old Jasper" M Movies & Television "Cold Dog Soup, 1990" Deceased pet destined for mealtime
"Jeremiah, Jeremy" M Ethnic & Foreign - Hebrew Exalted by God Jeremiah the Bullfrog

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Few aspects of bringing your new family member home are as emotional as picking out your puppy's name. This is not something to rush into lightly. Take your time. Often, you'll find a puppy's behavior will inspire an idea for its name. Therefore, you'll want to wait and see if, over the course of the first few days at home, the perfect name jumps out at you! Of course, many owners choose names that are suggestive of physical features of the dog. This is especially apparent with coat color. Still other owners choose names that are people's names. However, you may prefer a name that seems to fit the breed and the dog's eventual size and shape. Keeping it fairly short or simple will be a big help for friends, family members, and veterinary staff who need to learn your dog's name. Take a look at the names above and see if any strike you as a good match for your puppy. The key thing to remember is to choose a name that seems to fit your puppy and make sure it's a name you like!