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  • Golden Irish Gordon Puppies

    Date listed: 11/02/2016

    Golden Irish Puppy For Sale in OCEAN SPRINGS, MS



    Breed: Golden Irish
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: 10 Weeks Old
    Location: OCEAN SPRINGS, MS
    These puppies are a mix of Irish and Gordon Setter and also Golden Retriever. We call them Golden Irish Gordons. This is our first litter. The parents are our personal pets. The mother(Daisy) is a Gordon Irish mix and the father(JR) a Golden Irish mix. They just had their 6 week check and everything was excellent. We have 4 puppies for sale. 3 males and 1 female. The female is the only red/blonde pup. Of the males 2 are all black, the dominant and largest male and the runt. The 3rd has a small amount of white on his chest that I expect will disappear. They are all very friendly and socialized. Ready for their new homes immediately.
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    Golden Irish Puppy For Sale in OCEAN SPRINGS, MS

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