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  • Imo-Inu Dog For Adoption in Whitewright, TX



    Breed: Imo-Inu
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: Senior
    Location: Whitewright, TX
    Posted Breed: Shiba Inu / American Eskimo Dog / Mixed (medium coat). Princess is a spry senior who isn't very demanding. She likes having a place on the sofa, and enjoys a little head-scratch, but she isn't demanding, expecting you to pet her non-stop any time you're near. She likes to sleep on the rug next to the bed, but if another dog claims that spot, she is happy to move back to the sofa. Princess gets along with the other dogs in her foster home, ranging from a 7 LB Yorkie to a 100+ LB Great Pyrenees. If one of the younger dogs doesn't show good manners and gets a little too rambunctious, she will issue a little bark to get their attention, sort of like your 1st grade teacher telling you to play nice. Princess was surrendered to Dallas Animal Services by an "owner" who said she is 15 years old. We didn't have the opportunity to talk to that person, so we don't know whether that was just a guess on their part, but we are pretty darn sure Princess is NOT 15 years old. Her eyes are clear -- no cataracts or "clouds". Her teeth are in pretty good shape. She doesn't move slowly as though she has arthritis or joint pain. In short, she acts like a middle-aged dog. If we had never heard any estimate of her age, we would probably list her as 6 - 8 years old TOPS. Maybe the owner was just making a guess. Maybe she's 8 - 10 years old. Or maybe Princess really IS 15 years old and is just in amazingly great shape. We can't say for sure, so we're listing her as a senior just to be on the safe side. Princess has not been tested with cats, but the one time she saw one of our feral cats race across the yard, she gave chase, so she probably needs a home with no cats. She visited our chicken yard and seemed mildly interested, but was easily called away when she started to follow a hen into the chicken coop. So if you keep backyard chickens, Princess could probably be taught to leave them alone. As a senior, Princess has a reduced adoption fee of only $100. Our process starts with an application, which you can find on our website at
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    Imo-Inu Dog For Adoption in Whitewright, TX

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