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  • Rescue from South Korea need home

    Date listed: 04/19/2017

    Jindo Dog Puppy For Sale in NEWTON, MA



    Breed: Jindo Dog
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: 1 Year Old
    Location: NEWTON, MA
    Hello, I am currently fostering a dog from South Korea and she needs to find a forever home! Bella is a lucky survivor from the Korean dog meat trade industry. She, along with 300 other dogs, was rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korean. She is adorable and has these cute lopsided ears that make her just so loveable! She is a popular breed of Jindo and is one year old. Bella is very shy and quiet but very intelligent. Her ability to learn is there! She gets along with other dogs but generally keeps to herself. She needs some TLC to get her out of her shell. This breed of dog is loyal and affectionate. Typically the average weight is about 40-50 lbs and 18 inches tall, a great small-medium size dog. Please help Bella find a loving home to show her how to live a good life as a pet.
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