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  • Labloodhound Dog For Adoption in Rockaway, NJ

    JayJay SH Te...


    Breed: Labloodhound
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Adult
    Location: Rockaway, NJ
    Posted Breed: Bloodhound / Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat). JayJay is a 3-year-old Black and Tan Bloodhound mix (30% Blood Hound, 30% Labrador Retriever, 30% English Springer Spaniel, 10% German Shepherd) who weighs 85 lbs. He likes his belly rubbed and when he plays in the yard he jumps like a kangaroo. Must be the Springer in him. JayJay tries to please and can sit on command. He responds well to training. He sleeps well in a crate at night but would love to sleep on bed as well. This guy is the most chill, laid back dog ever! If you're looking for calm, check him out! If you'd like to meet JayJay, please fill out an application & be sure to ask for him by name - JAYJAY SH TEXAS!
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    Labloodhound Dog For Adoption in Rockaway, NJ

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