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  • Pug-A-Poo Puppy For Sale in ARROYO GRANDE, CA



    Breed: Pug-A-Poo
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: 13 Weeks Old
    Location: ARROYO GRANDE, CA
    My pugapoo puppy is about 2 months old born on January 26, she is a beautiful loving puppy who needs plenty of attention. Unfortunately we are not able to provide the attention she deserves because of our jobs. We are selling her for what we got her for and Including a kennel, dog food (wet,dry) leashes, shampoo, toys, dog bed, she is pretty much ready to go. She does need her last two sets of shots we already got her first two, so please keep this in mind. We also have receipts and papers from where we purchased her from.
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