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Atlas Operations Group K9 Division
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USAAtlas Operations Group K9 Division

Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd Dog, German Shepherd Dog, Labrador Retriever and Malinois Dogs Breeder in ALTURAS, CA, USA


With over 20 years experience, Atlas Operations Group is a U.S. based premier breeder and trainer of top quality working dogs. Atlas helps develop high standards in breeding and training that other breeders around the world follow. Here at Atlas, our in-house K-9 Division recently opened our kennel doors to allow access and ownership of our full blooded Belgian Malinois to the general public for far less than the LE/GOV rate. Atlas Operations Group K9 Division specializes in top of the line breeding genetics offered to Law Enforcement Agencies and Military Operational Teams. We are not a fly-by-night, mom & pop puppy mill which is sadly all too common. Our Certified & Licensed Trainers work daily with all of our puppies to a minimum of 14 weeks old in order to aid in the incredible growing process of helping the animal learn, develop and to help reinforce healthy traits, personalities and temperament. Yes, puppies consume 1000's of calories per day and are very expensive. It is a higher priority for us that our animals be placed in a happy, healthy and long term environment than receiving the highest amount available. Our internationally recognized 'Atlas Code of Ethics' firmly dictates a minimum of 14 weeks. All animals are Broad Spectrum Dewormed, Vaccinated and are supplied with an Official Health Certificate with Certificate of Veterinary Inspection generated and signed by a Federally Accredited Veterinarian. All dogs over four (4) months of age have current Rabies Vaccination Certificate. ___***PLEASE BE ADVISED***___: PIT Tag Policy - In accordance with strict Government confidentiality guidelines, Atlas K-9 Division intentionally does not implant any identifying integrated circuit devices under the skin or inside the animal. These devices utilize passive radio frequency identification technology (PIT) tags and can contain sensitive data. All data and/or asset tracking PIT tag Microchip implants will be inserted on a as-determined basis by the end user.

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